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Mayhem & Madness Abound on Berserk Black Friday 2012

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, November 23, 2012

Welcome to Alabama

In recent years, the Black Friday post-feeding frenzy has caused fights, stampedes and violent outbursts among anxious “shoppers.” To maintain peace among early shoppers this year, police forces throughout the country beefed up security and police presence deploying police on horseback, helicopters and in patrol cars. However, those measures were still not enough to stop some eager shoppers from mob behavior and animal-like instincts in their fight for “savings.”

In Alabama, a video recording captured screams and shoving as shoppers ripped a display of Xbox games that were covered in clear plastic like a pack of wild wolves. Eventually, police and a Walmart assoicate arrived on the scene telling the shoppers to back up and calm down.

In nearby Moultrie, Georgia, shoppers at a local WalMart lost their collective presence of mind over smartphones.

And, in related news…

• Fights broke out in two K-Mart stores in Indianapolis early on Thursday morning as shoppers alined the store and waited to receive vouchers for a 32-inch plasma TV on sale for less than $200. Tension arose as people began reselling their vouchers for a profit, however no serious injuries or arrests were reported.

• A man waiting to shop at a Sears at a mall in San Antonio pulled out a gun on another man who was trying to skip the line and had punched him in the face. The gunman had a concealed weapon license and was not charged for pulling out his gun.

• A man threatened to stab fellow early shoppers waiting to grab doorbusters at a K-Mart in South Sacramento. Hundreds of people awaited for the store to open, but people in the crowd became rowdy and began screaming and cursing at one another when associates handed out vouchers. That incited a man to threaten shoppers which some people laughed off while others reported that he was not joking.

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