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Perversions of Justice & Twisted Interpretations of Our Constitution by Activist Judges

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, November 10, 2012

Once, upon a time (in my lifetime), there was little to no need for $uch $pending as we recently witnessed in the November 2012 General Election.

Formerly, Pre$ident$ and Congre$$ were elected without much money.

Now, due in large part to perverted interpretation of our Constitution from activist judges – whom have been largely installed by those whom decry the same – money has been equated with free speech.

But the solitary problem with that SCOTUS ruling is that ~if~ it is so (that money is free speech), then the poor man has none. And our founders most certainly did NOT write, nor did they assert any such thing as “money is freedom” of any kind.
Ref: Buckley v Valeo & Citizens United v Federal Election Commission

Those two rulings are perversions of justice, twisted interpretations of our Constitution and common law.

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