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Toughen Up, Son… it’ll do you some good.

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, September 27, 2012

I happen to enjoy friendship with a young family whose matriarch was at first, overjoyed at the prospects of their firstborn obtaining gainful employment in this tough economy.

Their son, who in this post is identified as Young Man, is a recent high school graduate, and demonstrates musical talent.

Recently she posted the following on her FaceBook page:

“Did you know if you work at McDonalds you are pretty much forced to *eat* McDonalds? 😦 The breakroom has only a table & chairs. No fridge to keep your food cool or microwave to heat it up. So, unless you are able to drive yourself to work & carry your food in a cooler in your car, then you have to eat there. Plus, you only get 30 minutes. This makes me upset! I’m trying to convince -*- to apply elsewhere…”

I found the numerous responses fascinating, which are as follows – my response is last, italicized and emboldened.

Male Family Friend 1: “Ug.”

Female Family Friend 1: “There’s always PB & J sandwiches…”

Male Family Friend 2: “That’s your manager’s decision. At least some kids around here can store their lunch in a small fridge in their break room.”

Male Family Friend 3: “He can always order the apple wedges and eat salad. Yum! :P”

Female Family Friend 2: “Newks was hiring recently. They may be still.”

Young Man’s Father to MFF1: “They don’t have a fridge in their break room. Or anywhere to keep any personal stuff if you don’t have a car.”

Young Man’s Mother: “Michael’s is hiring, too. I think he’s gonna apply online this afternoon.”

MFF 2: “No, that’s what I am saying, {YMF}, it’s not a McDonalds’ policy, it’s at that specific McDonalds. Must be a local decision.”

YMF to MFF 2: “I understood. I was just giving you a lay of the land. It’s a brand new store (opens today), so maybe they’ll get some of that stuff later.”

MFF 3: “You guys should totally be those parents who go in and confront the manager about this (while {YM} is working within earshot). :P”

Male Family Friend 4: “That’s pretty standard in the “food” industry. 30 minutes in how long of a shift?”

Female Family Friend 3: “My peanut butter sammich and chips will keep anywhere. :)”

Female Family Friend 4: “peanut butter gets my vote 2 times on this thread! :)”

Female Family Friend 5: “tell him to apply at zaxbys on south parkway they are hiring right now…. its a little better than micky d’s. and its the same way there to probably cause when i worked at bojangles they didnt have coolers either so i had to eat there everyday also. =/”

“Many years ago, when I worked in a lumber yard/sawmill in the freezing winter rain, ice, mud & sawdust, the company there didn’t provide a refrigerator, either – but I stayed with the job and learned part of what it meant to be a man & deal with, and overcome tough circumstances. Every evening, I had a hot shower, food & clean clothes for the next grueling day.”

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