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Guess whose salaries will NOT be sequestered? Yup. Congress.

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, September 17, 2012

Congress sets Congressional salaries. Not voters. Why should there not be a mechanism to limit their ability to do so, and why should there not be a mechanism for determining how much they’re paid?

Sequester cuts? Not for Senate and House salaries

By SCOTT WONG, 9/14/12 3:19 PM EDT

Money for smaller classrooms and afterschool programs would get the ax. So would funding for border patrol agents, food inspectors and cancer research.

But the salaries of members of Congress? Their $174,000 annual take won’t be touched.

Because lawmakers couldn’t reach a deal to cut the nation’s $16 trillion debt, severe, across-the-board cuts will hit every corner of the federal government in early January.

But a little-known line in the Constitution means lawmakers’ salaries will be exempted from those looming cuts – even as their staffers take a hit to their pocketbooks.

The 27th Amendment prevents any increase or decrease to the salary of lawmakers until the start of the new Congress. And the so-called “sequester” is expected to come before the 113th Congress convenes.

Taxpayers are expected to pay about $103 million in salaries for House members and another $24 million in salaries for senators in fiscal year 2013.


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