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Grand Old Party of Xenophobic, Racist, Hypocrites

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, September 2, 2012

Someone please tell me… how does one spell xenophobe?

And tell me again, just so I’ll be certain… what is racism?

Finally, just so I won’t forget… isn’t hypocrisy saying one thing, and doing the opposite?

The GOP‘s Immigrants 


Rare was the speaker at the Republican convention in Tampa this week who did not invoke his immigrant forebears, almost always described as poor or, at best, of modest means upon arrival to the U.S.

This is hardly surprising because we are not simply a nation of immigrants but overwhelmingly a nation people descended from immigrant strivers. The “huddled masses” of the 1800s and early 1900s were tired and poor, not Indian computer engineers and Chinese biochemists.

This point is worth making because although the Republican speakers were trumpeting their downtrodden immigrant parents and grandparents, the Republican platform calls for, among other things, reforming our immigration policies in a way that encourages high-skill immigration and discourages low-skill immigration. In other words, Republicans are calling for an immigration policy that would have denied entry to most of those people they were praising on stage this week.

The argument for favoring better skilled immigrants over the lesser skilled is of course as old as the rest of the debates around immigration. When the Irish and Italians were coming here in droves, restrictionist elites argued that it made no sense to be importing impoverished, illiterate agricultural workers in the middle of an industrial revolution. Moreover, these immigrants were settling in cities like New York and Philadelphia and Boston. The elites insisted that the future was factories, not farms, and that we had no use for this labor.

They were right about the former but wrong about the latter. We did have use for that immigrant labor, which built our infrastructure—canals, railroads, subway systems, etc. Supply created its own demand. Today, we’re told that the U.S. has a “knowledge-based economy” and therefore no use for undereducated Mexicans and other unskilled foreign nationals. But we would do better to let the U.S. labor market—via guest worker programs—determine what skills it needs. If there is no work for foreign workers, they won’t come here, and the ones already here will leave. Besides, history shows that the central-planning restrictionists have a perfect record of being wrong about these things.


2 Responses to “Grand Old Party of Xenophobic, Racist, Hypocrites”

  1. Wade Hendrix said

    Have you ever lived north of the Mason-Dixon?Don’t think so.If you haven’t, then You don’t have a full perspective on racism.Listening to liberal NPR and other liberal media, a person could come away with the impression that only white southerners are capable of racism which is totally inaccurate.Do you not know that there are white Democrats in the north that hate black people and and would go so far as to not vote for Obama simply because he is Black?Racism is at one time another is felt in the heart by all people.None of us are perfect at controlling our inner thoughts and emotions.The title of your blog shows your bigotry,narrow-mindedness,and in a sense, racism towards Republicans.There are radical elements of any political party.To meThough, the Republican party is open for all people who believe that being independent and self -reliant is essential for all races to achieve success in life.


    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Hi Wade! Thanks for reading, and most importantly, for sharing your thoughts. One needn’t drink antifreeze individually to know about it’s poisonous effects. Similarly, one needn’t live anywhere to know that racism is an evil attitude which also has evil behavior, and that the propensity toward the same is present in every human heart. And thus, you and I agree on this point, for as you wrote, “Racism is at one time another is felt in the heart by all people.” Bigotry – as you know – is “an obstinate belief in the superiority of one’s own opinions and a prejudiced intolerance of the opinions of others.” While I would hardly imagine my brief, three-sentence introductory commentary to be as you so assert, I welcome the opportunity to further understand your perspective. Further, I agree with you in this regard as well, that all people want self-determination, freedom, and self-reliance. Now, where are the points of disagreement? I look forward to your thoughtful reply.


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