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Safia Memon asks, “Can I haz munny back now… pleeze?”

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, June 8, 2012

Safia Memon, mother of Hammad Memon – who, at age 14 was witnessed shooting fellow classmate Todd Brown in the head execution-style at point-blank range by numerous students standing nearby, which act was also recorded on video tape at Discovery Middle School, Madison Alabama – was apprehended by law enforcement authorities at a Dallas, Texas bus station, in an apparent flight to avoid the prosecution of her son Todd. She, along with Todd and a younger daughter had fled Alabama in violation of young Mr. Memon’s court orders. In their possession, were several thousand dollars, and Pakistani passports also in violation of court orders.

A courier had tipped off authorities that a package possibly containing a Pakistani passport had been delivered to the Memon’s residence.

Police in Madison, Alabama became suspicious, and arrested her husband Dr. Iqbal Memon, MD when he claimed no knowledge of her and the children’s whereabouts, after they had not been seen for several days.

Even though she turned it off when not using it, the FBI and other law enforcement authorities were able to locate her by her cell phone signal when she did turn it on to use it.

Now, all family members – save the young girl – are charged with felonies. The parents are charged with Hindering Prosecution, a Class C felony in Alabama, and Hammad is charged with capital murder.

She claimed that she and the children were going to visit relatives in Texas.

Yeah… right.

You don’t need a Pakistani passport for that, now… do you?

Safia Memon asks Madison County court to return $3,000 confiscated during apparent flight

Published: Thursday, June 07, 2012, 1:50 PM

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — Hammad Memon’s mother — denied a request to leave the state for another child’s soccer game Wednesday — made two more requests of the court today.

safia memon jail mug

Safia Memon, in this official Madison County Jail portrait, is charged with Hindering Prosecution, a Class C felony in Alabama, for fleeing to Texas with her son Hammad, who is charged with murdering Todd Brown.

Safia Memon asked the court to return $3,000 in cash that was taken by law enforcement when she and Hammad Memon were arrested in Dallas, Texas, in April, allegedly trying to flee Hammad’s murder trial. Hammad Memon, 16, is accused of killing classmate Todd Brown in February 2010 during a class change at Discovery Middle School.

She also has asked the court to return a passport issued to another of her children because that child, a six-year-old sister, has nothing to do with Hammad’s prosecution.

“At the time of her arrest, Mrs. Memon was in possession of $3,000 cash that was taken by law enforcement,” the motion states. “There has been no civil forfeiture filed to date, nor was this property contraband.

“This loss of revenue lawfully earned by the Memon family has caused and continues to cause unnecessary financial hardship,” the motion states.

The motion states that Safia Memon’s lawyer, Corrie Collins, had discussed the matter with Assistant District Attorney Bob Becher, who “has not expressed a position at this time.”

Therefore, the motion states, Safia Memon requests that a hearing be set regarding the motion.


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