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Social Darwinism, “Starving the Monster,” and the Myth of Smaller Government

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, April 3, 2012

For years, I have called them “Governmental Deconstructionists,” and I stand by my words.

I refer to Radical Republicans, whom may also be known as TEA Party members.

I have said that they are so far to the Right, they’re bumping on the Left side of the Left.

They’re extremists, and they don’t give a damn about you, nor – dare I say – about this nation.

Consider that they say ludicrous things such as they want to “make government smaller,” and have “less regulation.”

Such remarks are blatantly stupid on their face.

Here’s why.

There was only ONE TIME in our nation’s history when we had fewer laws and regulation, and when the government was much, much smaller.

That was when it was founded, back in the late 1700’s.

Since then, we’ve only grown larger in land size, have become more populous, have increased technology, have become the world’s largest economy and a driving force in the global economy, and show little signs of decline. We remain, without a doubt, the most powerful nation in the world – bar none.

Though we have weathered a Civil War, Great Depression and are emerging from a brief (by comparison) “Great Recession,” our nation’s population now exceeds 300 million plus, we have walked on the moon, increased international industrialization in previously untamed nations like India, China, Mexico and SouthEast Asia, have struck trade deals with nations in the continents of South America and Australia, have invented Global Positioning System, the microchip and a created global computer/digital revolution, cured diseases, and invented machines that can see inside our bodies several different ways… and somehow, we fall for the asinine line that we should make government smaller!?!

That’s so absurd it is bordering on insanity!

What baby ever got smaller?

No, if an infant is healthy and grows as it ought, it will get larger. It will eat more. It will outgrow old clothing, and will require not less maintenance, but more!

And so it is with our nation, or any nation.

As we grow and invent things, processes and procedures, increase in population and in every other area imaginable and more, we will not have less laws, we will have more! Government will get bigger. It is inevitable.

Now, we can talk about decreasing fraud, waste and abuse, and increasing efficiency in government. But we cannot genuinely talk about making government smaller or decreasing laws, rules and regulations. Bear in mind as well, that’s not to say that we cannot change, shift or eliminate certain functions of government to increase efficiency, or indeed eliminate certain aspects of regulation in select areas of industry or human activity and involvement. However, it acknowledges that ongoing maintenance requires equally ongoing attention to effective operations, and that sometimes, tweaks to efficiency require re-ordering or combining operations.

However, the modern Radicals have made it no secret that they have adopted a “starve the monster” approach to government and would literally tear it down and eliminate it almost wholesale, and instead replace it with some whacked out version of their Wild, Wild West Wet Dream, in which laws regulating our health and safety at work and in the security of our homes would be eliminated. Where their Dog-Eat-Dog world of Social Darwinism abides only by the Law of the Jungle. Where tough living, tough dying and tough luck rule the day, along with Big Businesses, Corporate Lawyers, Wall Street Traders & High Financiers.

In their fantasy world, Taxes on Big Business and Multinational Corporations would be vastly lowered or even eliminated, as would graduated system of income taxes upon the wealthy. Taxation would become a burden borne almost exclusively by the working families of America, which would then strain under the heavy load they’re incapable of carrying. It would be a scenario much like the Hebrew children who, enslaved in Egypt, were told to make more bricks with less straw. “Do more with less.” Isn’t that the secret password?

Under their fantasy vision for a New World Order, there would be no need for external governmental regulations or regulators, for every human endeavor, relationship and enterprise would somehow “self-regulate” and be like a bowl of Frosted Lucky Charms… Magically Delicious.

In the Utopian Ivory Towered world of the Mises Institute, at whose altars Radical Republicans, Libertarians, and other Militant Leftists sacrifice, there is no need for taxes, and military forces are privatized… as are all other services previously rendered by government, including justice. As Governmental Deconstructionists, they are Anarchists, veritable wolves in sheep’s clothing, and Public Enemy Number One.

Always wanting to cut taxes, they never quite tell anyone when enough cuts are enough. Unlike a surgeon who knows what damaged or diseased part of a body to remove, how much to cut, where and when, they are more like butchers wielding machetes on a human rampage much like Rwandan Genocidaires – only these wield power of the pen to slash budgets which affect human lives.

Yes, they want to dismantle government.

Yes, they want to turn governmental operations over to Big Business and Private Enterprise.

No, they don’t have families or America’s best interests at heart.

It’s not a joke.


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5 Responses to “Social Darwinism, “Starving the Monster,” and the Myth of Smaller Government”

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  2. Great post. The point about our growing and evolving nation is almost never made in the media–or in Washington. Enfamil is fine for a baby but will not nourish a teenager, much less a full grown adult.

    I think sometimes we need to stop arguing Republicans on each little point (no matter how insane or ludicrous), take a step back, and look at what kind of America their policies would create. I don’t think very many Americans would want to live there.


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