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Here’s Encouragement

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Have you ever wanted to read someone’s email, letters, text messages or eavesdrop on telephone calls or conversations?

If you’re honest, there has to be at least one time in your life in which the above has been true for you. However, as we mature, we realize that eavesdropping is nothing more than an effort to control, and that in many cases, we have little or no control over many – if not most – events and people in our lives. Certainly, we have no control over others’ thoughts or actions.

Eavesdropping on communication is and remains a hallmark of international espionage, and constitutes the basis and bulk of many international relationships. Eavesdropping on communications is not done among friends. It only accompanies enemies.

Acknowledging that fact is but one reason why love is so good. It is mutually reciprocated and wholly voluntary. Relationships of all type in life – business and personal – are made better by voluntary cooperation and the mutual respect and honesty that naturally accompanies it.

Unfortunately however, not all are so empowered by love. And unfortunately, that spills over into other areas of their lives – most notably even in business. For example, how can one perform at maximal efficiency and capacity if their personal life is in disarray or turmoil? For the healthy person, it’s not possible.

Recently, a dear friend of mine lost a job. We became friends during our tenure with each other as professional colleagues. After it had occurred to me that things probably weren’t as they seemed, I wrote a letter as a source of encouragement. It is my hope that this note may be a source of encouragement for you dear reader, as well.

It occurred to me that the “rationale” given for your firing – as you suggest – is suspect, but not for the reasons given to you. Yes, it’s probably true that to some extent sexism and racism played a role in the entire event. However, you and I – and the recruiters for various travel nursing agencies – realize that staffing issues are not necessarily because of any shortage of nurses. True, there may be difficulty staffing various hospitals, but again, I would dare say that such staffing problems may have less to do with any lack of qualified personnel, but rather how personnel are treated.

Allow me to be more realistic and specific.

From a business perspective – that was the exclusive relationship the Agency which you had contracted with had with the Hospital – hospitals have to pay a significantly greater amount of money to agencies with whom they contract. The hospital staff knows that, as well – and in many cases, it’s no small source of jealousy. Consider for a moment the following, which you and I both know to be true.

The Agency has a Master Contract with the Hospital under which you contract with the Agency. Typically, contracts have performance clauses – just as the contract you have with the Agency. Such performance clauses in the Master Contract specify what the Hospital will do if and when the Agency meets or exceeds the specified guidelines with regard to staffing. Staffing means the Agency must present qualified personnel for interviews with Hospital Department Managers, whom in turn give the yea or nay to hiring. Upon successful completion of the contract, there may be an extra amount of money paid if the Agency exceeded the Hospital’s guidelines. As well, to some extent, those bonuses are passed along to the individual Registered Nurses whom contact with the Agency to perform work for the Hospital.

Now, if the Hospital can make a verified and documented claim to the Agency that a certain percentage of the hires were not suitable and therefore, for whatever reason, did not complete their contract term, the Hospital can save a significant amount of money, simply because the Hospital will not have to pay.

Of course all claims made against you are heresay and “bullshit.” Why, and how do I and others know that? Because if there was even one shred of truth to any claim – that is, if there was a substantive claim – neither the Hospital nor Agency would waste an instant filing a complaint against the Professional License of the hire with the State Board of Nursing. But, because there is NO SUBSTANCE to any claim anyone at the Hospital may make – and all parties to the contract, Agency, Hospital and RN know this – no one (in this case, the Hospital) will initiate a complaint simply because of the volumes of necessary documentation required. This is a cheap, substandard and wretched means for the hospital to “legitimately” avoid paying extra money to an Agency, which is quite likely excellently performing the contract. As I began with, this speaks more to “how personnel are treated” than anything else.

Again, I have a strong suspicion that your firing was merely a play, and that this most unfortunate turn of events was nothing more than a strategy in corporate gamesmanship involving the Hospital’s contractual business relationship with the Agency. In other words, it’s not about you; it’s all about the money. You are unfortunately caught in the middle.

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