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iPhone Photography Tips & Tricks II

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, December 10, 2011

In the previous iPhone photography Tips & Tricks entry, I shared instructions and examples on how to use the iPhone‘s 5x zoom.

In this entry, you’ll see actual screenshots of the zoom adjustments, along with another useful built-in photography help.

Screenshot - iPhone 5x Zoom feature activated

Screenshot of the activated built-in Zoom feature on the iPhone. The photo's a bit fuzzy, because it's tough to get a screenshot quickly while maintaining a composition!

Recall that the iPhone’s zoom feature may be accessed two ways: 1.) by a two-fingered spread or pinch – similar to zooming in or out on a photograph, or; 2.) by a three-fingered tap on the screen.

☜ Once the feature is activated, here’s what you’ll see. ☜

Notice the – / + slider across the bottom of the screen. The zoom level can be chosen by either pinching two fingers open or closed, or by sliding the dot throughout the – / + range.

In this example, the slider is about mid range – which would be about 2.5x magnification.

And in this screen shot, the image appears somewhat out of focus, but it’s actually a bit of movement fuzziness. Getting a screenshot while maintaining a composition is not always as easy as it seems.

Just so you’ll know, making a screenshot on the iPhone is a two-handed task. Simultaneously pressing the Sleep (silver buton atop the iPhone) and Home (indented button at bottom center of the screen) buttons will make a screenshot which can be seen in the photos.

Notice also the Options button at the top of the screen.

The Grid option menu appears once the Option button is tapped.

Once the Options button is tapped, an optional Grid menu appears.

When the Grid is turned on, a series of guide lines appear that divide the screen into equal thirds, vertically and horizontally. That division is called the “Rule of Thirds,” and is a popular and fundamental guide in the composition of photographs and painting that places an area of visual interest around the perimeter of the image, which is slightly off-center. The general rule is that photographs in which the subject is squarely in the center are less visually appealing than those in which the subject are slightly off-center.

The lines do not appear on the actual photograph, and are imaginary guide lines used in composing a photograph. Here’s what a screenshot of the grid looks like.

Screenshot of the Rule of Third Grid lines on an iPhone 3GS with iOS5.

Once the Done button is tapped, the Grid option menu disappears from the screen, and only the Done button and Grid lines remain visible.

In the next entry, I’ll discuss changing the aspect of the photo – which is also sometimes also called the ratio.

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