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Stanza Reader Updated: Now compatable with iOS5

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fear not!

There’s GOOD NEWS for every Stanza user!

Previously, Apple’s update to iOS 5 rendered the Lexcyle Stanza reader obsolete – and many were in an uproar over what to do – particularly given that Amazon.com had purchased Stanza and indicated they had no plans to continue updating or working on the software.

However, the GOOD NEW IS…

Stanza has been updated to be compatible with iOS5!

According to information from Apple’s iTunes website, Stanza version 3.2 was updated 10 November 2011, and is available for download here.

John Verive reported on the Lifehacker.com Australia website November 11, 2011 that “Stanza eReader Returns With iOS5 Compatibility.

One Response to “Stanza Reader Updated: Now compatable with iOS5”

  1. […] 12/25/11 Please read the updated entry on this issue: Stanza Reader Updated: Now compatable with iOS5. — If you use an iPhone and the Stanza e-book reader app, you may want to consider NOT […]


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