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It’s official: Alabama Governor Robert J. Bentley is an idiot

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bob, if you read this – and I hope you will – you’re in over your head. You need help. Praying for you doesn’t mean we can’t be critical of you. Iron sharpens iron, you know. I’m glad you’re not accepting a salary, because I’d want my money back already.

The doo-doo is now beginning to hit the fan for Alabama’s RepubliKKKlan legislators & state executives.

The arrest of a MBUSA executive official is just the start.If you’ve not heard how Alabama made INTERNATIONAL (bad) NEWS by now, here it is:

A high-level Mercedes-Benz official from Germany came to Tuscaloosa county, Alabama – where MBUSA has a factory that makes the M-class SUV, and has recently expanded to manufacture the R-Class and GL-Class vehicles – and was arrested because he was not an American citizen (could not prove his nationality). (See MBUSA’s Tuscaloosa website here.)

One can only imagine how, or even if the Governor’s office is doing International Damage Control.

If my firm’s executive was arrested in a previously friendly place where I had, and continue to $pend BILLION$ of dollar$, I would be seriously rethinking any expan$ion plan$.

Next, who’d a-thunk that politicians would CUT OFF their own source of funding… literally?!

I refer, of course, to the same idiotically miserable excuse of a law that FORBIDS any state or local governmental official or agency from ACCEPTING tax revenue from anyone whom cannot prove their U.S. residency.

The law is also hypocritical because it forbids governmental officials from accepting any tax or fee – presumably also from assessing them (which essentially creates an entire class of tax-free individuals) – yet allows businesses to collect them. Think “sales tax.” It is anti-business because it forbids governmental official from ACCEPTING or COLLECTING taxes or fees (and thereby quashing the expansion of free enterprise & entrepreneurship) from those whose U.S. residency cannot or has not been previously determined. In essence, it establishes a guideline for reckoning/suspecting based upon skin color or speech pattern.

James D. Rosener, Attorney at Law, in the Pepper Hamilton LLP law firm, in an article dated Tuesday, June 25, 2002, and entitled “Legal Considerations for Establishing Operations in the United States” wrote that “Generally, the United States imposes few controls on investment by foreign entities that are not imposed on domestic entities.

That aspect of Alabama’s failed so-called law (aka HB56) alone violates the federal Commerce clause says that the United States Congress shall have power “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.”

I recollect these words uttered by Ronald Reagan – whom excerpted Leon Trotsky to belittle the Communists – “The march of freedom and democracy will leave {this governor} and {legislature} on the ash heap of history.”

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