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Thoughts on Global Warming

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, October 3, 2011

Science, it is often claimed, takes a skeptical perspective on many issues. The accepted scientific “gold standard” in medical science is the double-blind placebo-controlled study. However, in other scientific endeavors, the ability to replicate the experiment and the achieve the same findings or results is the standard. That is to say, is the experiment able to be duplicated exactly by others, whom will also obtain similar results?

Toward that end, in science, the ability of researchers to duplicate their colleagues’ work is paramount to validation.

As the scientific process relates to the issue of Global Warming, there are numerous valid scientific questions about it. For example, if we acknowledge, and give the benefit of the doubt to those whom say that the warming trend the Earth is now experiencing is part of a cycle, what we do not know is how long such cycles have lasted, or will last.

There is little question that the Earth is experiencing a general and over-all warming. We have collected data for several years, including ice core samples, which have yielded fascinating findings concerning the history of weather and climatic events and cycles in the Arctic.

It is wrong to assert that we have full and complete knowledge about this issue. The question we’re seeking to answer is one of Cause and Effect, to wit, “Is there conclusive evidence and demonstrable proof beyond the shadow of a doubt that climatic changes, and Global Warming are the result of ozone depletion, and is the depletion a result of an increase in types of airborne pollution?”

Following below are two short videos made by NASA at Goddard Space Flight Center that show 1.) Arctic Sea Ice in 2011, and; 2.) 2011 Arctic Ozone Loss.

While it would be a mistake to simply view these two short videos as a proof positive of Cause and Effect in the matter, it certainly does suggest that continued and thorough investigation be performed to rule out other possible causative factors, and to determine what – if anything – may be done to ameliorate damage, and if possible, change causative factors.

Arctic Sea Ice 2011

2011 Arctic Ozone Loss

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