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Free Market Government Deconstruction -or- What’s happening here?

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ed Note: What you’re about to read is a letter which I had sent to a long-time and very close friend after having read the article supplied via link at the close. 

This is as clear a picture as any.

The driving & motivating philosophical ideology of those Radical Republicans – among whom Newt Gingrich is chief – is wholesale de-regulation in every area, even to the extent that government is disbanded – thus resulting in anarchy.

They believe in a “Free Willy, Free Market” that is utopian & idealistic in nature, meaning it is a fantasy, rather than a solution based upon reality.

They are – as I have proclaimed for years – governmental deconstructionists whose sole motivation is to tear down and destroy government, little by little, piece by piece. Using the siren song that taxes are the enemy of the state and people, they seek to “starve the monster” by reducing and eliminating taxes to the extent that it is impossible to pay for any governmental services.

I submit that those whom unwittingly adhere to such are enemies of our Constitutional form of government.

I do not make these statements lightly, having intently followed Gingrich’s GOPAC organization for years.

I continue to ask you to think about three things:
1.) What is the purpose of government;
2.) What is the purpose of wealth, and;
3.) What is the purpose of taxation?

If it is true that if all the world’s wealth were equally distributed among all, and that in short order it would all return to its previous distribution – and I believe it would – it would only serve to demonstrate that some have a gift, or knack to make money or profit.

Others however, have differing gifts – gifts of administration/management, gifts of hospitality, gifts of creativity, gifts of communication, etc. Some have one, some have more than one, but no one has them all. Everyone has their own unique gifts, and all are valuable, useful and necessary. And, as our Constitution plainly states, “all men are created equal.” It is NOT as the George Orwell novel “Animal Farm” put it, that “some are more equal than others.”

That our government should strive for equity among all people and among pseudo-entities known as corporations is a given; it is a Constitutional mandate & guarantee. Yes, our laws and governmental form was established to give the Davids a fighting chance against the Goliaths. It’s but one reason our human nature pulls for the underdog. It’s a sense of justice, that might does NOT make right – that tyranny is trounced by the collective and unified efforts of a people who have the spark of life, the embers of freedom, and a hunger for righteousness.


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