Warm Southern Breeze

"… there is no such thing as nothing."

Thoughts upon awakening

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, July 16, 2011

Well, I reckon I “got my nap out.”

I’m awake.

And now, I’m thinking.

“If you’re awake, you should be thinking.”

That’s not my original line, but I’ll make it my own.

But this one is my original – and you may feel free to use it as often as you’d like: “There is no such thing as nothing.”

Logically, of course, it works, as well as working grammatically. Double negatives are positive, and in logic, one cannot disprove the negative.

Though I make no claim to being a logician, as a young boy I recollect thinking very deep thoughts – among them, the existence, or nature of nothing.

It occurred to me then at a very tender age that if “nothing” could be identified, it then became “something.”

It is curious when you think about it, because we also use a word to identify a thing that we allege cannot be, or is not, or cannot be, or has not been identified, and then identify it by giving it a name – “nothing.”

It then becomes something, however unknown it may be.

I’m reminded of the statue erected to “An Unknown God,” about which the Apostle Paul identified to the people when he preached Christ on Mars Hill.

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