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Tornado Storm Wreaks Havoc in North Alabama

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, April 29, 2011

I’m sending this via email & am not certain it will “reach.”

Much destruction was wreaked in North & Central Alabama recently from a tornado storm system that brought havoc on the Northern part of the state. Death, destruction & disaster continue

to be the by-words as well over 600,000+ residents are without electric power, and hospitals continue running on emergency/standby power.

Reports of gasoline shortages are common, and pleas for help are attended to by neighbors & volunteers alike.

Lives have been lost, property has been destroyed, and reports indicate that TVA has lost 99+ major power transmission lines that supply power to much of North Alabama.

Emergency power restoration crews are reportedly arriving from KY, and other areas, totalling perhaps 200+ heavy-duty trucks, and their crews.

Cellular towers have been damaged, and there are odd signs of normalcy amidst tragedy. Fathers playing with their children in the family backyard, neighbors visiting with one another, etc., are common.

Landline telephone coverage, however, is stable, and circuits were very busy in the immediate aftermath, but have
largely settled down, though they remain heavily used.

Curfews are in effect, typically from dusk to dawn, and there are some
police-confirmed reports of looting, but by no means widespread.

Weatherwise, the morning skies are sunny, the temperatures are moderate to warm, and the evenings are cool, quiet and dark. Some sleep with windows open, and demonstrate signs of placidity.

Officials say to expect 5-7 days without electrical power. Today marks the beginning of the second full day without power.

The NOAA service did an excellent job of advance warning for this storm, and
public officials are to be commended for their emergency response.

In the aftermath, we need to focus on reinforcing our infrastructure, making it much more robust, and increasing
structural emergency requirements in public & private businesses & residences. That will mean changes in rules, regulations & will require public support, fiscally & in ideal.

We simply CANNOT continue to afford such tragic losses.

“…if anything was not well said, that is to be attributed to my ignorance.”
– St. Thomas Aquinas, upon his
deathbed, 7 March, 1274
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