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Yet ANOTHER reason NOT to smoke marijuana. (It makes you STOOPID.) What ~WERE~ you thinking?!?

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From our “Names You Would Have Never Given Your Children Unless You Had Been Smoking Marijuana And Drinking Pepsi” department:

In my opinion, this is psychological – mental and emotional – child abuse.

Here is a sampling of responses from a few friends and colleagues on this find: “What kind of parents do that to their child???“Now that’s a name to be proud of.”

The name says “Do NOT, under any circumstances, take me seriously.”
Not ever!
“Not in a million years! LOL”

“I would have liked to meet those parents…eek!”

“Given the fact that her middle name is Pepsi, I am thinking her parents were stoners who loved to down Pepsi with either Cheetos or Doritos when they had the munchies, and they thought that Marijuana Cheetos Sawyer was not as pretty. On the other hand, maybe her parents are Rastafarians, and naming their daughter Marijuana is akin to naming a Christian child Charity, or Grace, or something like that. Of course, there is that whole Pepsi thing. Whatever the case may be, this whole thing makes me want to go to 7-11.

On a somewhat more serious note, this woman, it seems, has persevered despite having been the victim of what appears to be such unthoughtful naming. And for that, she is to be praised. One must not give light thought to a child’s name, for names mean things. For example, the Smith family might rethink naming a child Anthony Stephen.


See the initials – A.S.S.

Academic Advising & Exploration Center


Marijuana Sawyer

Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer

Marijuana Sawyer

Academic Advisor

(262) 472-5235


Hi and welcome to U.W. Whitewater!  My name is Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer and I am thrilled to be working among the outstanding individuals in the advising center.  I hold a B.S.E. in Elementary Education from U.W. Whitewater and a M.S.E. in Higher Education Administration from Georgia Southern University.  I enjoy cooking, fishing, shooting, motorcycling, traveling, golf, and spending time with family, friends, and loved ones.

My many thanks to all of the Whitewater faculty and staff that guided and supported me as an undergraduate student.  I look forward to giving the students I now serve that same level of support and commitment shown to me.

ref: http://www.uww.edu/advising/aaec/welcome/staff/sawyer.html

Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer-hmed-7a.grid-6x2

Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer: “I’ve grown into my name because I am a strong woman. I’ve had to be. I want to know, what was it about me that made her go, ‘You just look like a Marijuana Pepsi.’”

2 Responses to “Yet ANOTHER reason NOT to smoke marijuana. (It makes you STOOPID.) What ~WERE~ you thinking?!?”

  1. Do you think her brother might be named Hemp Coca-Cola? Or just Coke? I dunno…


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