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Bush I Appointee Federal Judge among Tucson dead

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, January 8, 2011

Federal judge shot and killed in Arizona shooting

By Daniel Strauss – 01/08/11 04:55 PM ET

A U.S. District Judge was one of the victims of the attempted murder of Rep. Gabrielle Gifford (D-AZ) Saturday.

The judge, U.S. District Judge John Roll, was appointed to the federal bench in 1991 by George H. W. Bush.

Roll had been put under federal protection last year after he made a ruling in a civil rights lawsuit.

In 2009 Roll ruled on a $32 million civil-rights case between illegal immigrants and an Arizona rancher in 2009 according to the Arizona Republic. Roll ruled that the case could go forward. After the ruling Roll was put under the protection of U.S. Marshalls after he threats including over 200 threating phone calls in one afternoon.

“It was unnerving and invasive. . . . By its nature it has to be,” Roll told the Arizona Republic. “It was handled very professionally by the Marshals Service.”

In a statement on the shooting President Obama confirmed Roll and a nine-year old child died from the shooting.

In a statement this afternoon Secretary of Homeland Securirty Janet Napolitano said that she was “deeply saddened” by Roll’s death. Roll was the chief federal judge in Arizona.

“I am deeply saddened by reports that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Chief Judge John Roll and others were attacked this afternoon in Tucson, Arizona,” Napolitano said in the press release.  “There is no place in our society or discourse for such senseless and unconscionable acts of violence.  Gabby is a steadfast representative for southern Arizona and both she and John are dedicated public servants”

In his speech President Obama praised Roll’s forty years of legal service.

“Among them were John Roll, who has served America’s legal system for almost forty years,” Obama said.

Rep. Gifford was shot in the head. The bullet went through and through and doctors are optimistic about her prognosis.


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