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A Brief History of… Me

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, January 2, 2011

On occasion, we all possess some tendency toward voyeurism – not necessarily of the unhealthy kind. That is, on occasion, our own innate sense of curiosity is aroused within us and motivates us to see, read or hear things that are not intended specifically for us. While at times harmless, it can be deleterious – though this is not one such occasion.

What you’re about to read is… my e-mail.

I had been motivated to write a letter of introduction to a friend of a friend, and… well, read on!

Our common friend had commended you to me.

She said you ate frogs. Hah!

Give me a few and I’ll eat ’em. Rather tasty, I’ve found. Particularly the legs.  Don’t much care for the eggs.

FYI, she and I were classmates, so that tells a wee bit about us… or rather, me.

A bit more about me – I’m a Registered Nurse, in addition to possessing talents for photography and writing, both which, at various and sundry times, have put beans on my table.

As well, I’m a Commercially Licensed Driver, and have hauled almost everything from toilet paper to diesel engines, and manufactured homes to human life – with elementary school-aged children being the most precious cargo I’ve ever carried. I’ve also hauled explosives. That was a blast!

I’ve been from New York to Washington (yes… there ~is~ a Walla Walla), and Minnesota to Mexico – Santa Maria Acapulco, in the mountains of  the Oriental Sierra Madre, in San Luis Potosi. SMA is a teeeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy village at the end of a very long and winding road that does not lead to your door, nor to your home.

But, I’ve never been to Spain.

I’ve slept in a few odd places – albeit, never upside down in a garbage can like weird character Bug-Eyed Earl in the off the hook, quirky-weird cartoon Red Meat, nor in a hollow log – eaten some unique foods – though I confess to never having eaten balut or the hundred-year egg – and on occasion, on Tuesdays, have breakfast with my man friends in Columbia… Tennessee. It’s just down the road a short piece from where I’m presently hanging my hat.

I’ve been twice bitten, once shy; raised zebra finches, gave a protected-species parrot as a gift to a couple whom were both friends from university, spoken with madmen, watched Mad Men on teevee, and have an insatiably curious mind.

Oh… and I play the trumpet and guitar, the former which put me though university. From what I understand, it was something called “scholarship.”

And you know what? In all this, I’ve not once mentioned anything about people vomiting. I’ve seen that too. Oh, and I’ve seen a dead man. Matter of fact, several. I’ve been to funerals. And, I reckon I have a couple of interesting stories from my Nursing experience.

Did I mention I’m also certified?

That’s what it says on my card.

Certified Volunteer Firefighter – I.

Got that from the Alabama Fire College.

As you may have surmised, I have “wall paper.”

However, and in all sincerity, I share this story.

Once, a young man whom was a second-degree friend (a relative of a woman I was then dating) had assisted me in moving my earthly possessions.

As he looked upon the abundance of my degrees, professional certificates, and military awards, he remarked about them.

What on occasion I jokingly refer to as “wall paper” (that being the collection of degrees, certificates and “atta-boys” which I’ve accumulated over time), is not “wall paper” at all, but in fact, represents the investment of other people’s lives into mine. It represents thousands of people who said by their actions, ‘we believe in you, you’re worth it, and we want to help you to succeed.’

John, you see, had dropped out of high school, and several of us were encouraging him to complete his GED.

There are many things that can be stolen from a man, but his education is one thing that cannot. Education is forever. And, it’s portable. Matter of fact, it seems to fit quite nicely in that little round box atop our necks. And no matter the price, the cost of ignorance is always higher.

I’d be pleased to help you in any way you need, and look forward to hearing from you!


2 Responses to “A Brief History of… Me”

  1. Cool well written post.

    John Wilder


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