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Okay… they “fixed” it. We can all go home now.

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Perhaps you’ve read the previous entry to which I sarcastically allude in this entry’s title. If not, here’s the linked title – “Apple Update creates problems on Toktumi’s Line2 for iPad, iPhone, iPod, iOS.”

Here’s the “Ta – DAH!” e-mail which I received trumpeting their “success.” (As an aside, don’t you feel privileged to read my “personal” e-mail?) Be sure to continue reading the remainder of the commentary following the inset message.

Update: Great news about iOS 4.2.1 and Line2

Toktumi Line2 Support

Nov 21 (3 days ago)

We are thrilled that Apple fixed the bug in the GM-Seed version of iOS 4.2 that was causing Line2 some trouble. We sent out a warning email on Nov 17 stating that you should avoid upgrading to iOS 4.2 because it caused Line2 to keep ringing when answering an incoming call. Thanks to Apple fixing this iOS bug, Line2 has no known issues with iOS 4.2.1, the iOS version they released today to developers, so feel free to upgrade your device when it hits iTunes.

If you need help, please contact support: support@toktumi.com

Thank you.

-The Toktumi/Line 2 Team

The PROBLEM is not necessarily that “it caused Line2 to keep ringing when answering an incoming call,” but rather that Apple iOS “updates” create, or contain more bugs than a Louisiana swamp in July. (Although, I understand Siberia in the Summer is quite bug-ridden.)

Sure – Apple Computer is riding high in the saddle, and their OS is arguably the most superior of the three now available – OSX, Windows and Linux – available for personal computing. And yet, that does NOT preclude anyone from properly aiming criticism – constructive or negative – at them, for any reason.

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