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Apple Update creates problems on Toktumi’s Line2 for iPad, iPhone, iPod, iOS

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, November 18, 2010

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iOProblems, iOBrother!

I’m a die-hard, long-time, Apple Macintosh only computer user. End of conversation. Period.

However, that hasn’t and doesn’t prevent me, or anyone else, from criticizing Apple products.

I use the iPhone 3GS model, with iOS 3.1.3 – jailbroken and unlocked – and have no intention of “upgrading” to the iOS 4 or iPhone 4 anytime soon. Why? There are too many glitchy, itchy, screwy, dewy problems with the version 4 of the iOS! And then, there’s the infamous “death grip” on the iPhone 4, which is an engineering/design problem. (The “death grip” is the term given to the way someone would normally hold the device to talk on the cell phone, but when they do, their hand actually kills the antenna, which is structurally integrated into the body as an exterior band.)

And sure, the “Retina display” is cool, as is the HD movie camera and the “FaceTime” video call feature with a forward facing camera that allows video conferencing… but only if you’re on a WiFi network. AT&T’s 3G network is already breaking from the strain of data, and simply could not handle the bandwidth those calls need!

However, almost EVERY “update” of any app seems to be “compatibility” issues with iOS4, that either “fixes bugs,” is inoperable, incompitable, crashes, etc., ad nauseam.

Already, news that Verizon will soon be carrying the iPhone, and there are now commercials on television for the iPad‘s use of Verizon’s wireless card. So you know that train’s comin’ ’round the corner soon – and just in time for Christmas!

However, what gets my goat (that’s a Southern colloquialism for “irritate”) the most, is that Apple seems to release updates to the iOS which cause problems with the existing apps! That genuinely creates numerous problems for many customers, whom in turn complain to the application developers.

One such created problem has affected the Line2 app, by Toktumi.

Line2 is a VOIP app that is not limited to a WiFi connection, and can operate VOIP over the AT&T 3G data connection. Line2 can also be used to send SMS, also known as “text messages.”

I received this e-mail message today from the good people at Toktumi/Line2 warning… well, I’ll let you read my e-mail.

Attention all Line2 iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users:

Please do not upgrade to iOS version 4.2.

If you upgrade to iOS 4.2 and you are running Line2 in the background, the ringer will continue to ring even after an incoming call is answered. This affects Line2 as well as all other VoIP and social calling apps. (Note: If you do not use Line2 your Toktumi service will not be effected.)

Apple Developer Support is aware of this issue and has designated its status as ‘severe’. However, as of the most recent iOS beta (GMSeed build), this issue is still not resolved. We apologize for this inconvenience and will update you as soon as we get more information from Apple.

Line2 will continue to work as normal with your current operating system. We strongly encourage you not to install iOS 4.2 until Apple fixes the upgrade issue. We will send out an email update as soon as it is safe to upgrade.

The Toktumi/Line2 Team

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