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Tigers eat Dirty Dawgs: QB Aaron Murray nominated for Academy Award & Oscar

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Saturday, November 13th 2010’s 114th annual NCAA SEC Division I football match-up between Auburn University v University of Georgia was fraught with problems, particularly in the last two minutes of regulation play! Auburn’s 49-31 victory was made sweeter by Georgia’s sour grapes behavior.

Of special interest were concerns about Auburn’s Defensive Tackle, #90, Nick Fairley, whose 6-5, 298 pound Junior frame hailing from Mobile, AL was penalized for a personal foul against 6-foot-1, 209 pound, #11, Freshman Georgia Quarterback Aaron Murray, when he hit Murray in the back with his helmet, after Murray had released the ball. He was immediately penalized for a personal foul, with an automatic first down for the now 5-6, 3-5 SEC Georgia.

Afterward, Fairley, described by some as a “dirty” player, was again attempting to sack Murray, and was tackled before, and – from all appearances – seemed to bump into Murray’s knee as he fell.

Afterward, Murray rolled around around on the grass – much like a dog (or should I write, “the dog that he is” – he is a Georgia Bulldog… right?) – even turning completely over!

Believe you me, if your knee is injured, I can guaran-damn-tee that you are NOT gonna’ be rolling ONTO and OVER it! – which is EXACTLY what Murray did!

Murray then hobbled off the field, as if he were in pain. Later reports indicated that he was NOT even injured!

Perhaps Aaron Murray should have won an Academy Award, Oscar, or Daytime Emmy at the very least – for that outstanding performance!

On the very next play, recorded video evidence clearly demonstrates that Fairley was targeted (no problem there), tackled (no problem there), and then pinned to the ground (problem there), and punched in the abdomen numerous times by (huge problem there), 6-foot-3, 300 pound GA Center Ben Jones #61, from Centerville, AL’s Bibb County HS.

The CBS Color Commentator also explicitly said of the event, “Oh yeah… they went after him – after the play.” (referring to the Georgia football team‘s attack upon Fairley)

In the ensuing melee and fracas the entire Georgia football team was led by their Mark Ritch onto the field – in violation of NCAA rules – to participate in a gangland-style fisticuffs.

SEC officials penalized two Georgia players, and two Auburn players, though they did not penalize all people involved. Given that there were but two minutes or less in regulation play, their actions are understandable. Why prolong a game 15-20 minutes or more by reviewing a video tape?Although, I can assure you that there officials are now spending several hours carefully examining and scrutinizing every frame of the events.

The commentator quoted Georgia Head Coach Ritch as justifying his Bulldogs’ actions by saying, “That’s what you get… when you don’t call penalties on the guy. He’s been hitting our quarterback late all day.

Ritch’s moment of utter loss of self control, evidenced by charged onto the field and further creating pandemonium and chaos, demonstrated also that the SEC officials were already clearly out of control of the ball game as well.

SEC Referees chose NOT to review any tape, though again, I assure you, they, NCAA officials and others are carefully analyzing the same.

If you prefer, Ritch stooped to Fairley’s level – which is not good. Not good at all.

Chizik later apologized, but Ritch was silent.

There’s no question that the character and quality of Sportsmanship on both teams should increase, and that rulemaking should also ensue.

The previous entry – Dirty Dawgs no match for Classy Auburn Tigers: Georgia Footbrawl shows true colors – generated numerous responses, not all of which were encouraging… or polite. But then, as I wrote, “dogs will be dogs,” eh?

Auburn’s 49-31 victory led them to the SEC West Championship, reserving a Saturday, December 4th, at 4:00PM EST date in Atlanta for their SEC East victor, the #17 nationally ranked South Carolina Gamecocks. The still undefeated Auburn Tigers previously defeated the then 12th-nationally ranked Gamecocks in their fourth game of the season, 35-27.

The 7-3, 5-3 SEC Gamecocks are now ranked 17th nationally, and face Troy and Clemson before again facing the now #2 nationally ranked 11-0, 7-0 SEC Auburn Tigers.

The Dawgs?

They face their in-state nemesis, Georgia Tech – whose 5-5, 3-4 ACC record is more their style – on Saturday, November 27.

Maybe they can pull a rabbit out of that hat.

But then, they may be proven yet again, to be all bark, and no bite.

One Response to “Tigers eat Dirty Dawgs: QB Aaron Murray nominated for Academy Award & Oscar”

  1. Warm Southern Breeze said

    Again, I want to make it EXPLICITLY CLEAR, that Fairley’s helmet hit to Murray’s back was absolutely unnecessary, and demonstrated poor judgment. Much to the chagrin of many – including Auburn fans – Fairley will NOT face NCAA or SEC penalty for his actions. Perhaps it’s time for rulemaking, as I had earlier written.

    Nick Fairley Won’t Face Suspension For Hit On Aaron Murray

    Georgia’s Murray has bruised knee, bruised sternum


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