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Dirty Dawgs no match for Classy Auburn Tigers: Georgia Footbrawl shows true colors

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, November 14, 2010

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In what will surely be remembered for years to come in the annals of the NCAA and SEC, the final two minutes of the 2010 Auburn v Georgia game took a grossly filthy turn. The undefeated 11-0, Number 2 ranked Auburn Tiger’s 49-31 victory was made even sweeter by Georgia’s sour behavior. Rule making will undoubtedly follow.

After having overcome a 21 point deficit in the first half, Auburn was leading by 18 points.

Auburn’s end game is nothing less than phenomenal, and with their two-plus TD lead, the game was essentially over. But as many astute observers know, in the SEC, two minutes of play can turn a game. And the players don’t stop putting forth their best effort. So it’s always a fight to the finish… as it well should be.

Georgia was in possession of the ball, and it was third down and three with 2:06 on the clock.

Georgia Quarterback Aaron Murray dropped back, and completed a pass for a Georgia first down.

The following events are not in dispute.

Auburn Defensive Tackle Nick Fairley proved quicker than Georgia Offensive Lineman Cordy Glenn, and got to GA QB Murray. AU DT Fairley was pushed to the ground, and in that process, his helmet hit Murray’s shin and knee.

Murray rolled around on the ground in obvious pain, and limped off the field. (Later reports indicated he was not seriously injured.)

In the following play, the GA Bulldogs behaved in a style that can only be reminiscent of gangland thugs.

On the play, after a three yard gain, Fairley tackled sophomore GA Running Back Washaun Ealey, who was earlier suspended from GA’s September 4 season opener against Louisiana-Layfayette for an arrest for hit-and-run of a parked vehicle and driving with a suspended license. Ealey’s arrest made him the eighth UGA player as of August 27 to be arrested this year. Ealey earned UGA Head Coach Mark Richt‘s ire after lying to him, having promised him that he wouldn’t drive.

During that play, 6-foot-3, 300 pound GA Center Ben Jones #61, from Centerville, AL’s Bibb County HS, clearly held Auburn Defensive Lineman Mike Blanc #93’s jersey, and pushed his 6-foot-4, 289 pound frame away. Blanc won the SEC’s Defensive Lineman of the week award September 27.

Then, Jones immediately jumped on Fairley, and wrestled him to the ground, and punched Fairley in his abdomen while pinning him to the ground.

Blanc saw Jones’ attack and pulled Jones off Fairley.

Ealey then jumped in the middle to prevent Blanc from pulling Jones off Fairley, and started shoving and pushing Blanc.

GA Offensive Tackle Clint T. Boling #60, then took his 6-foot-5, 315 pound frame and began throwing punches on any Auburn player near him, while simultaneously throwing himself into the Auburn line of scrimmage.

While Boling was throwing punches, Auburn’s 6-foot-3, 261 pound Defense End Michael Goggans, a Senior from Alexander City, AL, pushed Boling away from the Auburn players that Jones was attacking. In that process, Goggans pushed Boling’s face mask. Ealey then immediately punched Goggans’ facemask.

The referee called the punch on Goggans, and ejected him from the game.

While the SEC Referees were on the field explaining the call, University of Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt charged onto the field, complaining that the Referee didn’t call a personal foul on Fairley in the previous play.

The following two plays demonstrated conclusively that the University of Georgia Bulldogs are criminal thugs, led by an out-of-control, and vindictively criminal head coach.

Still in possession of the ball, Georgia ran to the right, and Boling went after Auburn #46 Linebacker Craig Stevens’ knees.

Then, 6-foot-5, 320 UGA Guard #71 Cordy Glenn blocked Blanc in his back, and pushed him out of the play, while holding Blanc’s jersey. Blanc then began pounding Glenn’s chest – appropriately, and similarly to a Lineman punch during a pass rush – and Glenn continued to shove Blanc after the referees blew the play dead. Glenn then attempted to shove Blanc into the UGA players’ sideline bench.

The Referee called a punch on Blanc, and ejected him from the game, which made him the second Auburn player ejected. Under NCAA rules, ejected players must sit out the first half of the following game. Auburn’s next game is against Alabama, the 75th Iron Bowl.

During the events of fisticuffs, the entire Georgia team came OFF the sidelines – led by their coach – and it appeared a melee was about to ensue. It was clear that the SEC officials had lost control of the game.

In true sportsman like conduct and genuinely classy style, the Auburn Tigers stayed on their sideline. Later, Auburn Head coach Gene Chizik took the responsible mea culpa approach, and apologized for his players’ behavior saying he was “just really disappointed in that. That’s a lot of reflection on us as coaches, and I’m embarrassed by it. That’s not who we are. That’s not the way we carry ourselves, and we will address it tomorrow. I am not happy about it at all.”

UGA Head Coach Mark Richt had nothing to say.

At the point in which the entire Georgia team charged onto the field, led by Head Coach Mark Richt, the SEC Referees should have immediately called the game by default for Auburn, and suspended the entire Georgia team from play. To have done so, of course, would also have meant that UGA would have lost by default to Georgia Tech, which is their final game of the season, and a long-standing intrastate rivalry.

With 11 UGA players arrested, whom have also lied to him, it appears quite sadly that Richt has also lost control of the team.

The team’s poor attitude and criminal behavior reflect poorly upon University of Georgia, and the state in general.

But then, dogs will be dogs.

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141 Responses to “Dirty Dawgs no match for Classy Auburn Tigers: Georgia Footbrawl shows true colors”

  1. Hey said

    Mark Richt.. really? huh? Oh and. No Georgia players were ejected, Just saying.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading, and for sharing your thoughts! Referees, like players, make mistakes, and they chose not to see any video. I would be very surprised if the NCAA does not address any events in that game. The events about which I wrote are exclusive, not inclusive. That is, they are exclusively about those things which I wrote. And regarding your “just saying” remark, Auburn Head Coach Gene Chizik did not charge onto the field, neither was was he lied to by criminally charged team members. “Just sayin’.” ;-)

      • B said

        ” Referees, like players, make mistakes, and they chose not to see any video. I would be very surprised if the NCAA does not address any events in that game.”

        Oh, you mean like how the Referees conveniently missed the first 3 late hits on Murray by Fairley? Or how about the late hit by McNeal on Parker during the Clemson game. Shall I continue? Stay classy Auburn. It’s nice to know that driving a moped without a license equals jailtime. Or how about underage drinking, because we know that no other university has any of that. I agree that Richt has lost the team, and I personally want him gone, but this was an EXTREMELY biased article. Remind me again who is classy when you’re on probation next year. So much for the nice friendly rivalry we had with Auburn. Fairley was intentionally trying to hurt Murray and you know that as well as I do. It got to a point that the team finally reacted in retaliation after that thug Fairley took Murray out for the game, and then trotted around the field like he was proud of himself.

      • Warm Southern Breeze said

        Thanks for reading, and for writing! By no means am I defending Fairley’s, or anyone else’s unethical actions. Neither am I endorsing any other complicit behavior, on-field, or off. If the law says “driving a moped without a license equals jailtime,” then that’s how it is. Period. In all sincerity, I don’t think anyone is seeking football perfection, but rather is seeking justice and equity – the proverbial level playing field. Acting in retaliation is a loss of self control, to be certain. And that is not allowable under NCAA rules, and is, in fact, a voluntary loss of one’s own ability. It is a self-defeating action.

  2. These Facts are also not in dispute said

    So if UGA was so classless, then why did they have no players Ejected. Auburn had two ejected. It is also not in dispute that Fairley had some late hits that were missed. These are kids who want to protect their guys. Stuff will happen. If Georgia was not classy, then Auburn was far from it as well. These are kids, get over yourself.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading, and for sharing your thoughts! Referees, like players, make mistakes. The SEC officials chose not to see any video. As I wrote, they were clearly NOT in control of the game. And Richt – as evidenced by 11 of his players’ arrests – is clearly not in control of his team… though they followed his charge onto the field of play when he disagreed with the referee’s call. Football has rules, which he obviously chose to ignore. That’s a shame for a man in a position of leadership such as he. I am not defending Michael Fairley’s action of hitting Murray’s back. Auburn was justly penalized for Fairley’s actions, however, Georgia was not penalized for Head Coach Richt’s actions, and neither did the officials review any video for violations by other players after they started the fracas. The video speaks for itself – Fairly was attacked by Jones whom also beat him while pinning him down – a clearly thuggish and criminal activity. I am confident that NCAA and SEC officials will be discussing the unfortunate turn of events and will make rules. Regardless, Georgia’s players and Head Coach lost their self-control. That is unfortunately telling, and reflects poorly upon the University of Georgia and the state at large.

      • Webb H. Ridley said

        Auburn is the one which showed its true colors, and I have family members who are diehard Auburn fans, and they admit they were embarrassed by the cheap shots that Auburn took, but this is historical for them. DO you remember (many don’t) when Auburn wrecked Georgia’s playing field, and failed to pay for the damages. Then, the next year, when GA won at Auburn, the fire hoses were turned on GAs fans in 20 some-odd degree weather. And I would be embarrassed that the Heisman trophy was awarded for the first time to a convicted felon! who was also dismissed from Florida, which has the lowest SAT score for football players in ANY conference. Huh! Chizik must condone this behavior, or he would address it and not allow it to continue from year to year.

      • Warm Southern Breeze said

        Hi Webb! Thanks for stopping by to read, and for sharing your thoughts! Certainly, unsportsmanlike conduct by the fans of any team must be censured, and illegal conduct punished. The teams coaches and members could do much to encourage good behavior by speaking directly to their base of support, but I have rarely – if ever – seen it. Its a good thing to be reminded occasionally. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

  3. CDawg said

    Funny how you fail to mention the multiple late hits by your “classy” Fairly… or the fact that the Auburn coach didn’t have the balls or ethical stamina to dig into Cam Newton allegations. Time will tell just how much “class” your famed Auburn team REALLY has.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading, and for sharing your thoughts! Reading your reply reminds me of mixed metaphors. But I suppose I can respond in kind. The FBI is involved in the allegations made by a Mississippian against Cameron Newton. Are you suggesting that Auburn Head Coach Gene Chizik can do a better job than the FBI? Caleb King was the 11th UGA player arrested, and all Richt had to say about it was, “When players don’t do that it damages the reputation of the player, our team, and our university. My goal is for Caleb to learn a lesson and for other players to learn from his experience.” Learn by example, eh? Great example. NOT! And UGA is reported to be “doing its best to supplant Florida as the torch-bearer of SEC disciplinary problems.” Wow. Now THAT’s CLASS…less!! What an out-of-control team! And with a 5-6, 3-5 SEC record, their record shows it, too. WAR EAGLE, baby!!

      • CDawg said

        Again, just goes to show how myopic a fan you are. You are a great example of why the SEC gets into trouble. I don’t see any of the GA fans out here disputing your “facts” against some of the less than stellar behavior on or off of the field. Yet, you in your ultimate “Auburn wisdom,” have yet to acknowledge your team’s mistakes and less than sportmanslike conduct. You take the stance that b/c the referee didn’t call it, that it didn’t happen! Continue going through life with blinders on buddy. Hope it works for you!

        Really Classy!

      • SevenUp said

        Why don’t you defend yourself and your Auburn Newton’s from this post? Does the author of this article not deserve your time and effort to formulate a DEMOLISHING counter argument? Or do you only prey on the easy targets (like post #43) to build yourself up? You don’t have the capacity to answer a truthful response… or a GOOD response at that.
        You stretch assumptions and only see matters in black and white.
        Do you realize how small of a window you give yourself for achieving accuracy?! Go ahead and soak up this attention. However, you should realize you’re receiving attention for being a complete idiot. Having good grammar and a witty persona doesn’t make you credible, sorry. Intelligence and open-mindedness are the keys to success, two traits you clearly lack.
        Oh, the morons of the blogosphere.

      • Warm Southern Breeze said

        Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts! Your points are well-taken. Some things need no defense, for they stand most excellently on their own. Thank you for sharing.

    • Ben Form said

      So let me get this right, you are saying that the refs missed to calls in a row? They are picking on Auburn? Look two of your players throw punches and got caught, now you are trying to say that it was all UGA fault? The players throw punches and should be throw out period! I would tell any team and any player that throws punches should be kicked off the team. I do not care who’s team they are with, fighting should not be put up with. I am sure Chizik will put them in the first chance he can in the second half. I have seen where everyone has gotten so upset over the last two weeks for people talking about the laptop problem that Cam had at UF. Everyone was saying that has nothing to do with him now. Well it seems that the first chance someone gets they want to talk about GA players and the things they did wrong. Oh, and I like the show Fairley but on by dancing around during the fighting and putting his hands behind his back, like he should be arrested or something. Not sure what he was doing beside showing his butt.

      • Warm Southern Breeze said

        Thanks for reading, and for your response! The video evidence speaks for itself. Referees are not perfect, and they chose not to review any video. Given that there were but two minutes remaining in regulation play, and that the entire Georgia team – led by their Head Coach – suddenly charged onto the field after their offensive team (gee, that’s kind of ironic, now, isn’t it?) assaulted Nick Fairley, I simply cannot understand why the referees did NOT call the game by default FOR Auburn. Such lack of self control by the Georgia Bulldogs is not only poor sportsmanship, it is poor conduct anywhere.

  4. The good stuff said

    Do you believe that the holocaust didn’t happen either? Or that Santa rides around Christmas night in his sleigh? This article exhibits traits of your typical Auburn fan: arrogant, borderline retarded (not 100% retarded due to the surprisingly decent grammar), selective memory, and last but certainly not least, dumbassry. That’s how strongly I feel about how lousy this article was; I had to make up a new word. Of course opposing players are going to attack Fairley, he is the dirtiest player in the country bar none. No doubting his talent, the kid is damn good. But body slamming and late hitting quarterbacks on numerous occasions is uncalled for. I think everybody in the country will be cheering on the Tide as they are way classier, cleaner, and superior program to that red-headed step child they call “Awbbarn”. FAMULEH, AWL IN !!!

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      I couldn’t help but laugh… when I read your last post! “Cow humping retard.” Wow! THAT’s REAL classy! And from a team supporter with a “Crimson.ua.edu” e-mail address! Time’s up on the lease at Jordan-Hare West! WAR EAGLE, baby!!

  5. Good stuff said

    Thanks for deleting my comment you cow humping retard

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts! You may want to read the comments I made on your earlier post. And, as you – and others – can plainly see, no comments were deleted. Again, thank you for your CLASSLESS remark from the “Crimson.ua.edu” address!

  6. AubieScumNewton said

    this is the worst article i’ve ever read in my life. Classy Auburn Tigers? Fuck you and fuck Auburn.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thank you for reading, and for sharing your remarks! I think your commentary reflects very poorly upon you and the team you support. I have chosen deliberately to NOT delete this CLASSLESS remark expressly to prove my point. I genuinely thank you. Dogs will be dogs.

  7. Warm Southern Breeze said

    *!* Folks, please remember *!*

    Even if you choose to reply to this entry – and I encourage you to do so – and deliberately use a false e-mail address, YOUR IP ADDRESS IS STILL RECORDED.

    I have NOT edited or deleted any responsive entries, even though they may have vulgar and abusive language… which, of course, is a direct reflection upon the commentarian, and which also serves to prove my point.

  8. La'AUMB said

    Thank you for writing, and for sharing your thoughts! I’m sorry people think it’s OK to talk to someone like that. RUDE! I enjoyed the article. War Eagle!

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thank you, as well, for your readership, and commentary. I hope – as you read – that in the days to come, serious consideration and careful deliberation at the highest levels of the NCAA and SEC will be given to those videotaped infractions, and how to effectively handle them in the future. God forbid there should ever be such an event with ANY team! I hope as well that the presidents of the two universities, and their head coaches will cooperatively make a public commitment and denounce such atrocious behavior, exercising the most severe means possible, including revocation of any awards or scholarships. WAR EAGLE, baby!!

    • Chris said

      I went into Auburn for the first time excited, for many reasons, but the main one being the fact that I thought Auburn fans were acctualy cool people with a desire to watch good football in the south’s oldest rivalry. This article has proved me wrong. I cannot believe the powers that be let you write this crap. Obviously you didn’t watch the game, and you have no idea what your talking about. Im a proud student at the esteemed University of Georgia who would be the first to admit if the team that I support committed a wrong, but this time my misinformed friend, they did not. Obviously you are not like me. All I have left to say is GO DAWGS! and ROLL TIDE! And exactly when did the phrase War Eagle become a verb?

      • Warm Southern Breeze said

        Thanks for reading, and taking a moment to share your thoughts! There are no “powers that be” over me. I am a “free agent.” These are my thoughts exclusively. And yes, I watched the game. I’m glad you’re a proud student at UGA. It’s a fine school, and as I previously noted – with 114 match-ups, is the oldest rivalry in the Deep South of any collegiate football team. Granted, we’re each proud of our respective schools, and have – to one extent or another – biases. That we’re aware of them is good. Just in the case you may not have read any of my previous replies to the numerous comments this blog entry has generated, I am not supporting Fairley’s questionable actions, neither am I supporting any violation of NCAA or SEC rules. May I encourage you to read my responses to the many comments? I think once you do, you’ll get a greater and better sense of my thoughts. The SEC officials were clearly out of control, as were other players on both sides. It was, in those final moments, an altogether unfortunate scene, one that should never, ever occur again on any field by any team – ever! By the way… WAR EAGLE, baby!! (I reckon the phrase “War Eagle” became a verb – as you suggest – long before “dawg” became an accepted spelling for canine. However, the phrase itself need not contain a verb, when in the subjunctive case, possession is inferred, such as in “war.” Another example of that might be the phrase, “war dogs.” Since the grammatically subordinate case exists – that being “eagle” – it is therefore appropriate. In the sense to which you refer, it is improperly imperative, that is, being the nature of expressing a command – an action, which, as you noted, is not, and does not exist. Therefore, “WAR EAGLE!!” is grammatically correct. WAR EAGLE, baby!!)

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  10. Kritter said

    Well said! The thUGA fan responses following are priceless, and indeed reflective of their entire team and coaching staff. A lawless, hormonal, hot-headed coach with no tact makes for undisciplined, ill-mannered players, and it shows both on and off the field. The thUGA faithful are always the first to claim someone else lacks “class,” while thinking it cute when their own players (most often led by their coaches) charge the end zone to do a little jig for scoring a TD in a UF game, coordinate a gangsta thug dance on the sidelines the same year at an Auburn game, commit multiple felonious acts on the Auburn campus (Florida is smart not to allow them down to the Swamp), and lead lynch mob-style attacks on eleven kids simply because they wear Auburn jerseys.

    Allow me to also comment on the poster of this:

    “I think everybody in the country will be cheering on the Tide as they are way classier, cleaner, and superior program to that red-headed step child they call “Awbbarn”. FAMULEH, AWL IN !!!”

    You, sir, are a hypocrite and a fraud. Yes, a hypocrite and a fraud! Knowing as you do that the University of Alabama – as is indicated RIGHT ON THEIR SCHOOL LOGO! – is made up of a fanbase of mullet-headed trailer dwellers, you try to pretend you are not, in fact, one of them, with your high-tech machinery to help you spell and show you where to put the periods. But you enter in your bamtard e-mail address. In the (slightly altered) words of Ren: Good Stuff, YOU EEEEEEEDIOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks so much for your readership, and for your thoughtful response! I do realize and understand that much of what we hear, see and read during sports rivalries is pure “trash talk.” Such is a harmless part and parcel of any sport. However, when any fan base becomes maliciously destructive in their behavior, or encourages the same, it then becomes criminal, and rightfully prosecuted by law enforcement. This not the first time the world has ever witnessed Georgia (or as you write, “thUGA”) fans outrageously malicious behavior. The facts stand for themselves. It is painfully obvious that UGA Head Coach Richt does not have control of his own team, nor apparently, of himself. What’s the adage – monkey see, monkey do? Again, I hope that the NCAA and SEC will address the atrocious incidences we witnessed, and create severe penalties to punish such wanton and inexcusable behavior which reflects so poorly upon the institution of collegiate football and the university.

  11. UA13 said

    From someone that cheers for neither GA nor AU, I think that both coaches need to get a grip on some of their players. Should the Dawgs have chop-blocked Fairley that one time? No. Should they have piled on top of him? No. Were their actions, while not condonable, easy to understand at that point? I think they were.

    I do not understand the way that Auburn fans have defended Nick Fairley’s actions, not just in the game yesterday but throughout the entire season. He plays to intentionally take quarterbacks out of the game and takes great pride in it. I first saw it while watching the game against Clemson. He picked the guy up and body-slammed him into the ground. When he got hurt and continued to play, Fairley proceeded to taunt him. i watched the game against Arkansas but don’t clearly remember the play on which he gave Ryan Mallett a concussion. I didn’t watch the games against Ole Miss and LSU, but I heard that he took their quarterbacks out with equally vicious tactics that resemble a WWE move, not a clean tackle. Before yesterday’s game, Fairley had already gained a reputation of being a “quarterback killer.” So this is not just the whining of UGA fans who are making up excuses as to why they lost. Multiple teams that have played Auburn this season have sent complaints to the SEC about #90.

    I did not watch the UGA game either since, as I’m sure you will point out, I go to UA and was getting ready to go to the MSU game. I got home and heard about the near-brawl that had erupted between the players toward the end of the game, and I heard that GA players had been going after Nick Fairley after he had taken out their quarterback. I just wasn’t at all surprised. Then today I decided to get on Youtube and look at clips from the game. This is what I saw:

    1) The play where Murray releases the ball, with Nick Fairley facing him. Seconds later, Fairley barrels toward him, lowers his head and rams his helmet right into Murray’s spine. There are no excuses for that type of behavior…none. A player from Rutgers is now paralyzed from the neck down for pulling that same type of move back in October. While the refs did actually throw a flag on this one; he should have been thrown out of the game at that point. Anyone who saw it live or watched a clip of it later cannot honestly say that Fairley wasn’t completely out of line, or that he wasn’t trying to hurt him enough to take him out of the game.

    2) The play that took Murray out of the game. I would like to cut Fairley some slack here considering he had been knocked off of his feet at this point. However, you can see where he takes control of his body and adjusts his head, neck, and shoulders to where he just happens to smack Murray right in the knees. This one is much more questionable, but after everything else Fairley’s done this season, I don’t think that his head just happened to end up right under the guy’s knees.

    3) When the fight was being broken up, Fairley breaks out of the crowd and proceeds to prance around and, quite frankly, make an absolute fool of himself. There really just aren’t any other words to describe that display.

    And of course, he was picking him up and driving him into the ground in a manner that only Auburn fans approve of at this point.

    Forget for a minute about Cam Newton’s arrogant showboating and all of the allegations surrounding him at this point. I can see why Auburn likes him. He’s an outstanding player who deserves the Heisman this year. And I can see I’ve never seen him play dirty. I don’t, however, think there should be anyone defending Fairley’s actions. If there was a player like that at Alabama, I would be embarrassed that our coaches had not sat him out and told him that either he was going to act like he had some class or that he wasn’t going to play at all. Believe me, we do not wish we had a Fairley. One day a quarterback is going to get critically injured or worse because of his disgusting behavior. Will that show Auburn fans? Will that be enough to prove what everyone else has been saying about him all along?

    I do not look down on the majority of the people I know who attend Auburn University or are otherwise fans of the football team. I do not think all of them are classless. I can definitely say, however, that Nick Fairley has been a disgrace to the game of college football this season, which is a shame because he’s very good; he doesn’t have to resort to take cheap shots. I also question Auburn fans who defend him, which has been most of them from what I’ve seen. If someone did to Cam Newton what Fairley has been doing to quarterbacks all season, they would be outraged and complaining about the dirty player, but when their guy does it, it’s great defense. It’s really sad. There’s been this mentality adopted of “We will do whatever it takes to win and whatever an Auburn player says or does has to be deemed acceptable by the Auburn family no matter what.” In my opinion, one can hardly call the Bulldogs a bunch of thugs while simultaneously praising the Tigers on being classy. Not based off of that particular game, anyway. Not based off of this season.

    I’m done. I just wanted to share my perspective of the matter. I’ve tried to be subjective. I do wish Auburn the best of luck in the rest of their games excluding the Iron Bowl. It’s a talented team, no doubt. I’d rather them win it than someone like Boise State, who nobody all season and then whines when they’re not considered to play against teams like Alabama and Auburn for a national championship.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your thoughtfully cogent response! I agree with most – if not all – of what you shared. As I continue to reflect upon the game, this morning, I found a picture of Shug Jordan and Bear Bryant standing together, side by side as friends do. I considered that both men were indeed friends, and I have had the opportunity to witness their coaching styles, and how their styles were decidedly different than many we see today. The same can be said for Vince Dooley. All three men were friends, and all three men left legacies to their respective universities. Today’s coaches stand upon those mens’ shoulders. As I continued pondering, it seems to me that “sportsmanship” is a quality of the game – indeed any game – that should more strongly be reinforced. The quality and character of a man is on public display in the sports arena, and there should be only those athletes whose character and physical stamina are superior. Once stamina is depleted, character remains.

      • Deborah Williams said

        Very classy post by a classy Alabama fan! Thank you. I wish you could have read what I put up on my Facebook concerning it all. All of us Auburn fans do not agree with what happened. I was big time ashamed of my players….as well as the Georgia players involved. And, I think that the coaches on BOTH teams did a poor job of leadership with this all happening.

        Don’t get me wrong…….I’m proud of the Tigers fully. I bleed orange & blue. But I don’t wish any harm to anyone at all. And, there were cheap shots on both sides of the ball all evening long. Georgia had some pretty rough hits that should have been called several times & weren’t as well as Auburn having them. But 2 wrongs never equal out to being a right at all.

        I agree about Fairley……he is an awesome player. But, him walking around taunting after all that happened was uncalled for. And, as much as I like Trooper Taylor, I was very upset to see him running out on the field doing fist pumps with Fairley after that.

        All in all……it was a great game (just what you expect for AU/GA and AU/AL). Tensions always run high on these 2 games. But the last 2 minutes of the game just were unfortunate & it upset me. I’m old school I suppose at the age of 43 and think that young men should have some guideance and be taught sportsmanship. If my 21 year old son was out there on that field playing and acting like players on both the AU & GA teams Saturday night………he wouldn’t have to worry about the coach pulling him & benching him, because I’d be done gone down there and yanked his butt up off the field & my son knows I would. He was taught to be a good sport from an early age, and never showed out but once. It only took once for momma to go pull him off the baseball field for throwing a fit and saying an ugly word. And, never did he act like that again.

        Thank you for taking the time to read my response. Have a great day! See ya in T-Town in 2 weeks…………and WAR EAGLE!!!!!

      • UA13 said

        Another thing I would like to add:

        Most Auburn fans I know (not all, I have indeed noticed Deborah’s expression of embarrassment over certain players’ actions) defend Fairley’s actions by saying that he had been getting chop-blocked the whole game. I only saw one clip of this happening, and although there might have been more, that is no excuse for him to take it out on the quarterback. Aaron Murray had done nothing to hurt him throughout the game. Others have also lambasted Murray’s older brother for his actions. I can’t say that I can exactly relate to the situation, being that I’m a girl with a sister a couple of years younger than me. I just know that I would be infuriated if I thought someone had intentionally hurt her. I know that two wrongs don’t make a right, but these Georgia players felt like they were finally sticking up for their quarterback when the officials had refused to the whole game. Call it what you want, but Mark Richt was right. I think that my team usually shows great class and sportsmanship, but I expect a brawl to break out at the Iron Bowl if Fairley purposely takes out McElroy and someone doesn’t come and yank Fairley off the field for the remainder of the season. He shouldn’t have gotten this far into the season being allowed to act like this. I think SEC officials are starting to let Auburn get away with things like Fairley’s behavior because they’re our best shot at winning the fifth consecutive national championship for the conference. This is unacceptable when it involves the safety of a player. It is their fault for leaving justice in the hands of the opposing team.

        I think it was just a very ugly situation all around. None of the players responsible (Fairley, the other two Auburn players who threw punches, or anyone who participated in the brawl) should have left that field without severely reprimanded. Hopefully both coaches will now take some responsibility and take steps to ensure that it won’t happen again. College football is such a great game. It’s a shame that it has to be tainted by players who don’t know how to act.

      • Warm Southern Breeze said

        Thanks again, for your thoughtfully composed response! We – the fans, alumni and supporters – haven’t heard the last of this, to be certain! Concerning UGA’s Head Coach Mark Richt’s behavior – there are appropriate venues within the context of the game to address his, or any other official’s concerns. It’s regrettable that he chose not to avail himself of them. The loss of self control by certain members of both teams is indeed unfortunate. And – as I’ve written – I believe rule making will ensue. You’re absolute correct – “it was a very ugly situation all around.”

      • UA13 said

        Also, thank you both for the kind words. I sincerely wish that this rivalry could be a little classier, on both sides. After attending the Alabama/Penn State game earlier in the season, I witnessed how classy a rivalry composed of two traditonally great football programs could be. I love my school and everything that comes along with it; I know my Auburn friends feel the same way. While trash talking can be fun and is a part of any good rivalry, it so many times resorts to bashing one’s higher learning institution of choice or stereotyping the fans and that’s unfortunate, considering both universities in the Iron Bowl rivalry are excellent schools and a lot of fans on both sides are great people. I’m glad we were able to have this discussion in such a civil fashion.

        I know this post had nothing to do with the Iron Bowl; I just thought I’d say that.

  12. Deborah Williams said

    Great article…….and, I agree………both colleges, both coaches, and both AD for the schools need to address this issue.

    I watched the whole game, watched the replay of the last 2 minutes 4 different times. Yes, I am an AUBURN TIGER through & through. I want to say this: I was probably the 1st Auburn Fan to pubicly say on my Facebook page that I was very disappointed in my 2 players who were ejected and also in Nick Fairly for “strutting around & taunting”. Now, with that said, I would like to add this:

    The writer of this article is exactly right!!! There were a lot of missed calls on Georgia (and, yes….there were a lot of missed calls on Auburn—I’ll give you that). But, Mark Richt went into this game this weekend saying it would be a dog fight, and that he was afraid that a sleeping tiger would be awakened. And, yeah—-he did get that point right. I’m sure that Coach Chizick will address the issues the way that he said he would. I was very embarrassed myself, as I am sure he definitely was. Notice, Chizick came out and said how embarrassed he was over the incident——-Richt didn’t say a word at his press conference, nor has he said a word on his telephone conference with the media on Sunday about his players that were involved. That doesn’t say a whole lot for him as a leader of his team by any means.

    The Georgia player is the one who started the incident. Nick Fairly did not intentionally hurt Murray on that play. He was pushed into Murray by Murray’s on O-Lineman. Georgia’s player threw the 1st punch——–it was EVIDENT on the TV screen. He should have been ejected as well. As well, the players that Goggins & Blanc were involved with the “fisticuffs” should have been ejected as well. Yes, my players deserved to be ejected—–I agree!!! But, Georgia’s players should have been ejected too!!! And, Nick Fairley should be punished for his actions of taunting on the field like he did……as well, I think that Coach needs to get after Trooper for running around on the field with Nick Fairley doing a fist pump, etc. (Don’t get me wrong, I love Trooper—-but that’s not how you want to see your coach acting in my opinion when the tensions are high like that—-he should have been calming them down).

    The refs should have done something about Mark Richt & the team coming out on the field. It was evident when the ref went over to Mark what he said. You could read his lips on the TV saying “That’s what you get” to the ref. As well………Murray’s brother should have been ejected for his foul mouthed response of “F===== You” that could be read clearly on the tv. They need to wash his mouth out with some good old fashioned soap!!!!!!!!!

    As well, all of you Georgia fans who are calling Auburn team players & fans “Unclassy”…….well, ya’ll shouldn’t be going so far, because y’all got some pretty darn unclassy folks in your neck of the woods. It was a ballgame……..GEORGIA LOST the game………GAME OVER………GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!! You all have some pretty rotten folks who will walk up on our Toomer’s Corner at 2 a.m. and set fire to the tissue & trees. That was uncalled for. I hope the folks who caught the guy doing it beat the crap out of him before the police got him. That could have been very destructive to downtown Auburn & to the University. I would be really ashamed to be associated with folks like that!!!!!

    WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thank you for your readership, your kind words, and for making the time to compose an excellent response! As I wrote – only moments ago – in response to UA13, it seems to me that “sportsmanship” is a quality that should be more strenuously reinforced. In addition to physical stamina, athletes must have high character quality. To some extent, character quality is enforced by the NCAA in recruiting and other rules which prohibit pecuniary interests from becoming involved in student-athletes lives on a level exterior to the funding of a university education – for which purpose athletic scholarship exists.

      Waxing philosophic, I share these sentiments, which were also expressed by a friend of mine whom responded to my question, “What’s your take on the final two minutes of the AU/UGA game?” My friend wrote: “I thought it was one of the most unfortunate incidents I’ve ever seen on a college football field. The men who coach football teach more than a game, it’s a way of life, a way of conducting yourself on and off the field, it’s about how you handle victory and defeat. The two players who were ejected disgraced themselves, their team and the sport. In fact, I believe a public apology wouldn’t be out of order. At the least, I think AU should suspend the 2 players through the next game.

      “However, having said that, I also noticed it was only the GA bench that was cleared, and I saw a lot of the AU jerseys already on the field trying to break up the melee. I also saw the deliberate attempt to injure the Auburn player on the part of several GA players because no flag was thrown against the hit on the GA QB. So I believe some sanction against GA would not be uncalled for, either.

      “Young men get caught up in the heat of the moment, tempers flare and mistakes are made. Yet what happened on the field Saturday night reflects more upon the coaching staff of both schools, and I would expect both staffs would be wise to take what steps they deem necessary to prevent that from ever happening again, for the sake of their own reputations, as well as that of their school’s.

      I thought his response was quite even-handed, and shared that I concurred with his opinion. And for the sake of disclosure, I should let the readers know, he is an Auburn fan.

      • Deborah Williams said

        I agree totally with you & your friend…….and, even agree with UA13 on some of their points. I was so upset about what took place in those final 2 minutes. And, I hope that UA13 will see that I, as one of the biggest Auburn Tiger fans out there, will notice that I pubicly condemned our players for that show of unsportsmanship. I was very appalled & very ashamed of them for that.

        As well, I was very ashamed of those on the GA side of it as well. It was all uncalled for & both coaches need to do some serious talking to their players & I agree………..they should have to give a public apology! All those involved: Starting with the coaches……and then all the way down to the players!!!! And, Murray’s brother should be made to apologize for what he said that was so clearly easily read on TV.

        These guys are role models to little boys…………I DON’T WANT MY LITTLE GUYS SEEING SUCH STUFF!!!

        UA13: You are by far one of the classiest AL fans I have read anything from. Thank you. I know that not all Alabama fans are the bad ones either….no more than all the Auburn fans are the bad ones.

    • Kritter said

      I just want to add a couple of things:

      I don’t think Goggans or Blanc should have thrown punches. I think most Auburn fans can agree on that. I don’t believe we have a coaching staff that supports that, and I firmly believe that Coach Chizik dealt with it, as he should have, the way he promised to after the game. But, it must be put into perspective. Goggans, Blanc, and the nine other BOYS out there in Auburn jerseys should NEVER have been put into a situation where they had to decide how to defend themselves, their friends and their teammates from the entire UGA team, who were led in the charge by the UGA coaching staff comprised entirely of grown-ass men. Kids with a mean age of 20-21 years old cannot be held to the same standard as 40-year-old men, and that is entirely on Mark Richt. The referees seemed at least mostly capable of handling things when it was just the 22 players on the field; it becomes impossible when it’s eleven Auburn players + the entire UGA sideline, and the refs are being distracted by a shameless Mark Richt. I am sorry that things happened as they did, but I AM NOT embarrassed by the Auburn kids, because they were certainly in uncharted waters. Who could predict Richt would allow his team to act that way, much less that he himsef would instigate it? I am embarrassed for UGA’s team, fanbase, and most of all, coaching staff.

      I also don’t think that Nick Fairley should pile-drive people into the ground, nor should anyone. He is not without penalties, as you know, and generally the refs keep him in check. But suggesting that his behavior is a failure of our coaching staff is ludicrous. Every single football player, from the time he is twelve years old, gets coached to push it to the edge – just don’t go past it. Fairley is a player who is constantly on the edge, and sometimes he goes over, and usually when he does it is flagged, and rightly so – as ANY breach of the rules should be. If you will note, AJ Greene has clearly been coached to push off and commit all kinds of offensive pass interference, and none of it was ever called. There were several late hits on Cam, and none of it was ever called. Play on the edge, don’t go past it, and when you do, accept the flag. There are always missed calls on both sides of the ball.

      Finally, I want to address what is being described as Trooper’s poor behavior. What Trooper did was EXACTLY what he should have done: he distracted Fairley the best way he knew how. Fairley was pulled out of the game after he was attacked, and was on the sidelines as all hell broke loose on the field. Trooper flagged him down and kept him from going back out there; if he hadn’t done that, we could have ended up in the shameful sitution of UGA with players bursting onto the field, and a suspended Nick Fairley for the first half of the Iron Bowl. Questioning his tactics is really unfair, and the criticism is undeserved.

      • Warm Southern Breeze said

        Thanks again! You make some excellent points, and raise some very valid questions, which I also hope will be seriously addressed by the NCAA, SEC, Head Coaches, Athletic Directors and universities’ presidents.

  13. GTJones said

    Total BS. Fairley attempted to hurt Murray on the play in question. He was being blocked away from Murray and purposely drove his helmet into the qb’s knee well after the ball was thrown. Fairleyshould be suspended by the league foe his play on Saturday. Playing hard is one thing. Playing dirty is another. Fairley is a dirty player

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts! Numerous sentiments have been shared about Fairley’s “dirty” playing. There’s little question he should be strongly censured – if not severely penalized – for such continuously atrocious behavior. An interesting footnote to that issue: Fairley is considered a “top pick” by the NFL, far greater, even, than Cam Newton. What does that say about the NFL?

      • anon said

        It says that they are interested in their bottom line. Only. Are you under the assumption that NFL teams have credibility regarding the players that make up their product? As of last year, Leonard Little had a job in the NFL. 9 years after killing someone. Donte Stallworth is still playing after mowing someone down with his car last year.

        Your self righteousness and homerism is laughable.

      • Warm Southern Breeze said

        Thanks for reading, and for sharing your thoughts! As you may have read, the character and quality of sportsmanship must be increased.

      • anon said

        Why did you delete my post? The truth hurts, warm pants-leg

      • Warm Southern Breeze said

        Thanks for reading, and sharing your thoughts. No posts have been deleted or edited. It just takes time, my friend.

  14. Warm Southern Breeze said

    Readers, you may be interested in this response from another of my friends – an Auburn supporter – in response to my earlier question “What’s your take on the final two minutes of the AU/UGA game?”:

    There has been some communication between their QB and Fairley over the past week, I am told. Talking crap. Fairley was rough on him, with a questionable hit at least once maybe more. When he rolled off a block into the QB’s knee it seemed innocent, but GA took it personal and retaliated on the next play. One of their linemen was on top of Fairley and in his face saying something while they were still on the ground after the play was dead and wouldn’t get up. Other Auburn linemen saw what was going on and realized they were attacking Fairley and responded. Tempers flared on both sides. The next play a GA lineman blocked another AU player and pushed him well beyond the play, in the back and shoved him. He responded with throwing a punch. Clearly provoked, but still not acceptable. GA created the problem and walked away without injury. Auburn however will do without two defensive starters for the first half of the Bama game. It was handled poorly on both sides of the ball.

  15. UGA Fan said

    Georgia dirty? How many late hits did Fairley deliver to Murray? The TV announcers were even saying he would have been fined $75,000 if he delivered those hits in the NFL. The Georgia players were defending Murray from officials that refused to call the multiple late hits. There were mistakes made on both sides but all in all it was a great game!

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading, and sharing your thoughts! As I have noted previously, the SEC officials chose not to review video footage. Exactly why will be a matter of some conjecture. Suffice to say, however, that the unfortunate incidences witnessed in this game will be a matter of ongoing discussion at the highest levels, including the Athletic Directors of the two universities, their Head Coaches, their presidents, the NCAA, SEC, and others – as well it should. Were you aware that “the oldest [collegiate football] rivalry in the Deep South exists between the Auburn Tigers and the University of Georgia Bulldogs, dating from February 20, 1892,” and as of the 2010 season has encompassed 114 games”? Yes, it was an excellent game!

  16. Corbindawg said

    I hope this is a satrical post, becuase it is just rich. My favorite line in this rambling mess is:

    While the SEC Referees were on the field explaining the call, University of Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt charged onto the field, complaining that the Referee didn’t call a personal foul on Fairley in the previous play.

    The following two plays demonstrated conclusively that the University of Georgia Bulldogs are criminal thugs, led by an out-of-control, and vindictively criminal head coach.

    Anyone who knows anything about SEC football knows that statement is the OPPOSITE of Mark Richt. One of UGA fans’ biggest complaint of him is he doesn’t show enough fire and passion. Those two paragraphs show right there you don’t know anything about SEC football and the UGA Bulldogs. For Coach Richt to get on the field and get on the refs shows he was very pissed.

    I am a UGA fan, but you even have objective folks like Tony Barnhart and Chris Low comenting on how the late hits were awful.



    And before you foolishly retort that Barnhart is a UGA grad, remember he was very critical of Grantham.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading, and for sharing your thoughts! Granted, my language was harsh in a portion of the excerpt which you quote. And yet, I can’t help but wonder why the level of sportsmanship on BOTH teams has taken a most unfortunate black eye as a result of this tragedy. Arrested players speaks not only to the individual’s character, but to the Head Coach’s operational philosophy on sportsmanship, as well. Granted, there’s enough blame to spread around – for all, including SEC officials. I hope that we – the spirited supporters, fans and alumni – continue to elevate, and hold our schools’ athletic programs and their participants to the highest standards.

      • Corbindawg said

        Thank you for your rambling response. In it, you didn’t mention anything about your obvious lack of knowledge on SEC football and the track record of Mark Richt.

        And if you were familiar with the arrest above what you read on ESPN.com, you see that the majority of the infractions are of the minor traffic variety. Even rival fans, EDSBS, makes fun of the over zealous police. When players are in trouble, like Caleb King, for something minor, the punishment Coach Richt doles out is swift. When there are serious cases, these young men are dismissed from the team.

        What happended was not a tragedy. You are very melodramitic. If players had rushed the field and started swinging helmets-like Miami in 2006-or Aaron Murray’s career had ended, then THAT would have been a tragedy.

      • Warm Southern Breeze said

        Thanks again, for your reply! While there may be some supporting and/or ancillary commentary, in this blog entry, I have attempted to limit my commentary exclusively to the events of the final two minutes of the 2010 Auburn v University of Georgia football game. Thus, neither “the track record of Mark Richt” nor any other issue is a matter of discussion. But I would take issue with the characterization that “what happened was not a tragedy.” “Tragedy” is defined as an event or composition that deals “with a serious or somber theme,” and/or “a lamentable, dreadful… event or affair; calamity,” etc. The game as a whole is a point of rejoicing for Auburn fans, of course, while the final two minutes of regulation play were a tragic and – as I wrote in the opening sentence – “a grossly filthy turn.”

      • Corbindawg said

        And it reeks of exaggeration, being melodramatic and ignorance.

      • Warm Southern Breeze said

        Thanks again! WAR EAGLE, baby!!

  17. […] No, not something on The Grit Tree.  It is this. […]

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for taking the time to read, and for sharing the link! Oh… I understand grits are in season now! Matter of fact, I enjoyed a bowl of ’em for breakfast this mornin’! However, I’m still looking for those doughnut seeds. Got any idea where I can find ’em? Hope your day goes well! Oh, and before I forget it… WAR EAGLE, baby!!

  18. Slim said

    Are you drunk? When you somber up you still hav Scam the Sham and Nature Boy Fairley. At least Tubs had some class and self respect!

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts! Last I checked, I have been, and am now “somber [sic] up.” Maybe sometime you and I can sit down together and share a few glasses of some fine Georgia peach schnapps… and hot dogs!! On a bit more serious note, I concur with your sentiment, which I believe expresses that sportsmanship needs to rise to a higher level. Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  19. Sometimes I feel sorry for the delusional. Then I just laugh it off, and wonder how it must feel to hear voices in your head. Nick Fairley is trash, Cam Newton is awesome, and AU is about to forfeit their entire season.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks so much for reading, and for your reply! I must confess, I laughed out loud when I read your response! Of course, “there’s medicine for that”! (I write in reference to “the delusional,” and those whom “hear voices in their head.”) But then, our ears are in our head… hmmm. Maybe the medicine is for our ears? Anyway, on a bit more serious note, I concur with your assessment that “Cam Newton is awesome,” though I certainly hope that AU does NOT “forfeit their entire season.” Hope your day goes well!

  20. Dorsey Hill said

    You really want to go there? Ok fine:

    Auburn has been on probation for longer period of time than ANY NCAA program in the country. Unlike Auburn, Georgia has never been banned from TV or bowl competition, ever.

    Auburn secretly tried to hire a coach from another school while it still had a coach.

    Auburn had to pay Tuberville his buyout because one of its boosters offered the job to another coach in violation of the terms of Tub’s contract insisted upon due to the above.

    Auburn has a guy on its team wearing #32. This individual was caught on tape brutally beating a student w/o provaction and was charged with felony assault. The courts in Auburn treated him as a youthful offender and sealed the record. He was permitted to remain at school and on the team. UGA had a similar incident, but with provation. The player plays at NC State having been kicked off the team. His name is Michael Lemon if you want to confirm that. Of the arrests involving an accusation of violence, no player so arrested is on UGA’s roster.

    In 1986 Auburn turned Jordan Hare stadium into Linn Park circa 1963 with its firehouses and no these hoses were not just turned on the people that rushed the field after a glorious victory over Cow Town U. They turned the hoses on the fans in the stands.

    Auburn played its best player after determining that his father pimped him out to Mississippi State. Georgia sat its best player when the possibility existed that he was ineligible.

    Just keep your unjustified assertions of “class” down home cuz. Oh, if you Aubies don’t know what “keep it down home cuz means” simply Google it.

    Finally, GFY.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading, and for your response! As you may have read in my replies to the numerous comments (and I thank you every one, for them – even the malignant ones), Dorsey, I have attempted to confine my remarks to the events of the last two minutes in regulation play. And thanks, for that final bit of color CLASSLESS remark!

      • jadams said

        You confine your remarks to the last two minutes of the game because Fairley’s dirty play came before that.

        And what part of that two minutes involved anyone being arrested, as you have pointed out more than once?

        And you really should go back to 2007 when Fairley was having his High School grades changed and cheating on the ACT.

      • Warm Southern Breeze said

        Thanks for your readership, and your response! Granted, there were plays in which SEC officials should have penalized both teams, yet did not. Why? Because they didn’t see them! If anything could be learned from this game – and I hope there will be lessons learned, rules made and mistakes that are never repeated – it’s that the character and quality of collegiate sportsmanship must rise to a higher level. You raise an interesting rhetorical point – what if players were arrested for on-field behavior? Now THAT is a topic for discussion!

      • Dorsey Hill said

        Was ealey arrested in the last two minutes of the game? Or anyone else? Your suggestion that your commentary had no historical perspective and was confined to the events of the last two minutes of that game is nothing but a lie. My response was to bring a broader historical perspective to a program that is nothing more than an on-going criminal enterprise and to demonstrate conclusively that no Cow College fan should ever use the word class in any sentence that doesn’t begin with “we have no.”

        And once again GFY.

  21. wAR CAM EAGLE said

    We win any way we can baby if we can’t buy it we steal it. If we cant stop you we cripple you. If we can’t out coach you we find a way to pay off the refs. war cam eaglr baby thats how we ROLL

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading, and for your response! I sense your enthusiasm, to be certain. However, I hasten to point out that enthusiasm should not be equated with a loss of respect, nor an abandonment of ethic. WAR EAGLE, baby!!

  22. Amazed at the delusion said

    You must have watched an entirely different ending to that game than the rest of us. Fairly took cheap shots on Aaron Murray ALL DAY. He even managed to slice Murray’s chin open on the first drive with his facemask while Murray was on the ground. There are 3 seperate instances in that game where he intentionally and maliciously used his head-gear as a weapon. This kid should not be allowed to play another down with the way he plays.

    Was Georgia right for piling 3 on Fairly the play after he hurt Murray? Probably not. However, I will point out when those players piled on him, the whistle had not yet blown and it was within the scope of the play (if slighly malicious in intent). I also saw absolutely zero evidence of the Georgia boys making any attempt to hurt Fairly on that play. I’ve seen more brutal pile-ups on fumbles.

    While I realize it is harder to admit fault with your favorite football team than your own family, have you stopped to wonder why Auburn is almost exclusively alone in defending its play? Its not cause the rest of us are jealous. We aren’t. You guys are good. Cam is an excellent player. But the way you play is disgraceful to your school, the SEC and all of college football.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading, and for your thoughtful response! As I previously written in response, there’s plenty of blame to go around, even with SEC officials. There’s certainly no dearth of sentiment expressing concern over Fairley, and his on-field behavior which should have been checked before it came to this regrettable point. That is properly a coaching responsibility. And, I concur with those whom have expressed dismay over Fairley’s behavior. Again, there’s plenty of blame to go around.

  23. Auburn73 said

    I’m an Auburn grad, class of 73 and you sir are an idiot!! Auburn was not alone in this and Fairley’s play was an embarassment. And the fact that we may have paid Newton….don’t make us out to be completely innocent…

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading, and for your response! True, there were two teams in Auburn that day. And, as I’ve previously written, there’s more than enough blame to go around, even with SEC officials. We’ve not heard the last of this, to be certain.

    • Kritter said

      At least thUGA can at last rest easily, knowing there is at least one stupid Barner, too!

  24. FinleyStreet said

    First of all, what was the purpose in mentioning Ealey’s previous arrest? It’s completely irrelevant to the content of the “article.”

    Secondly, there’s no doubt UGA certainly had their fair share of dirty plays during the game, but AU took it to the limit. The game was won. There was no point in taking out Murray like that. It was cold & calculated, no matter how you try to spin it.

    Sadly, AU didn’t have to resort to cheap shots. They were clearly the better team anyway.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading, and for your reply! Your point is well taken. In perhaps the purest sense, Ealey’s arrest had nothing to do with the play – though I chose to mention it as a reference point for the assessment of character. And as I’ve written in numerous responses – and I agree with your point – that there were plays in which players of both teams shouldn’t have behaved they way they did. And there is plenty of blame to go around, including with SEC officials. I sincerely doubt we’ve heard the last of this.

      • Amazed at the delusion said

        You made a comment earlier saying you were only dealing with the last two minutes of the game. How can you come back and defend your inclusion of a minor traffic incident with Ealey as “a reference point for the assessment of character.” Honestly, the hypocritical way you’ve gone about this whole thing has moved from amusing to pathetic.

  25. jadams said

    Of course, Fairley is just being an upstanding citizen when he uses his facemask as a weapon:


  26. Moggs said

    Thanks for reading and your response!

  27. Dick Fairley said

    This is the worst piece of crap I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe I wasted 3 minutes of my life reading it.

    Dude, you have problems. Don’t slit your wrist when the hammer drops on your beloved and blameless Tigers.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading and for your response! Yeah… it’s amazing how we spend our time, isn’t it!? (From our “For What It’s Worth” Department: Thanks for your words of “encouragement.”) Say… if, in the future, anyone asks you to volunteer at the Suicide Prevention Hotline, it might be advisable to politely decline. ;-) Hope you had a great day!

  28. Sosmart said

    Look as an Auburn fan, I was/am embarrassed for Fairley’s actions and Trooper Taylors reactions. He plays dirty, and doesnt need to. Taylor’s reactions of jumping up and down and high fiving Fairley after he stomped around like he just won a WWF fight was equally bad. I watched the game with 5 Auburn and 4 UGA fans and at one point all stated Fairley should have been thrown out of the game after the late hit. He is too good to do that and figured by this point the refs would have known about his habits…I can promise Saban will have a video in the SEC’s hands on that and will have multiple “discussions” with the refs before and during the game. Fairley’s leash will be microscopic as will the rest of the DL.

    I have to admit, that now is not the time to take any other school to task for their players or universities actions. We are just getting over Lowder risking our accredidation by flying to interview Petrino while Tubbs was still coaching. The Cam situation is not helping either.

    I understand you were trying to put the ejections in perspective and having two out for the Iron Bowl will be huge, but you did it in a way that seemed like it was a tabloid column.

    I love Auburn, but I was slightly embarrassed before the game for Cam, embarrassed during the game for Fairley and Trroper, and now embarrassed because of this column.

    • Sosmart said

      You can delete this previous post. I jumped the gun and wrote when I should not have said anything. I just think its not time to point fingers.
      You are looking for webiste hits and I get it – and this article will do it. So delete the previous post and keep at it!

      • Warm Southern Breeze said

        Thanks again! I understand your sentiment, believe you me. And I’ve written thing in haste that I later regretted. I purposerly waited to compose this entry until some time after, not only because I was tire, but because I wanted time to seriously ponder. Thank you for writing, and quite honestly, that (website hits) was the last thing on my mind when I wrote – truthfully. Heck… I don’t even recall thinking about it. I think there will be much serious discussion of all the events by the appropriate officials, and in due time.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for your readership, and your reply! I agree with you, “that now is not the time to take any other school to task for their players or universities actions.” And granted, no situation or circumstance is, or ever will be perfect – not ideal, perfect. As you suggest, Bobby Lowder’s micromanagement style has been a source of ongoing detriment to the university, and he shouldn’t have been on the Board any longer than one term. Though I suppose folks that supplant ideals for money are committing some kind of prostitution. But then, who doesn’t? Again, that’s only an acknowledgment of an imperfect situation, in an imperfect world, with imperfect people – not an endorsement. I thank you for your gentle correction concerning my phraseology, and have been taken to task by at least one other commentarian on that issue – to whom I also acknowledged similarly. As you and others may hopefully discern, I am not dispassionate on this issue, and am dismayed by this most unfortunate turn of events. I hope and pray that it will all work for the better, not only for Auburn, but for the SEC and the NCAA, as well.

    • Kritter said

      YOU, sir, are the embarrassment. How dare you call yourself an Auburn fan. If it’s all the same to you, we’d all prefer it if you changed your colors of allegiance to some sort of red – red, crimson, maroon – of your choosing, since you seem to find all of Auburn’s actions embarrassing. I’m not going to waste time dissecting the problems with what you’ve said, and I have addressed most of them elsewhere on the site; besides, you can’t reason with unreasonableness. But, I would like to say – anyone who is embarrassed by Cam, without there being any shred of proof whatsoever, is obviously a turncoat and has no respect for the Constitution that is the foundation of this fine country. Good day, sir.

  29. I said

    WSB, I just found your blog. You are the TRUTH! For too long this relentless conspiracy against the TIGERS has gone on. There is jealousy, then there is flat out slander and libel. You know who is behind this, you know what they are capable of, keep speaking the TRUTH!
    <3 ya blog.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks so much for reading, and sharing your thoughts! That thought has occurred to me, too! There are some, whom unfortunately, will do anything to tear down anyone else who is better then they are. It’s kinda’ queer, why someone wouldn’t want to see another succeed. They’re kinda’ like crabs in a bucket – put just one in, and it will get out. But… put two or more in – even to the top, and they’ll ALL stay in! Why? They’re always pulling each other down! Thanks again!

  30. redaunt said

    You have to be the biggest moron on the planet! Or the worst spin doctor! Or both! Even if the events you describe happened as you say…and they didn’t…the fact that you mention nothing that occurred earlier in the game, i.e. Fairley grinding his facemask into Murray’s chin, Fairley spearing Murray in the back a good 3 seconds after the ball was gone, destroys any credibility you might have had(not much, I suspect). Deflect away. sCam will be ruled ineligible and you will go from 14-0 to 0-14 overnight; or Bama and/or SCar will hand you your butts, and you can watch the NC game on television. And when the NCAA drops the hammer it will be everybody else singing Na na n ana, na na na na, Hey, hey hey, Goodbye, like you classy Allbarn fans. This article made my day. LMFAO!! GO DAWGS!!!

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading, and for sharing your thoughts! And… WAR EAGLE, baby!! Now that we’ve gotten that bit of housekeeping out of the way… ;-) Your points are well taken, and shared by others in the Auburn camp, as well. I’m not opposed to “trash talk” of course, though criminal activity is prosecuted anywhere. One reader did make an interesting rhetorical observation, to wit, (and I paraphrase) ‘what would it be like if players were arrested for on-field behavior?’ I think – that is, I hope with the greatest expectation – that officials at the highest levels will address the serious concerns raised in that game. And in conclusion… WAR EAGLE, baby!!

  31. The Sound of Sanity said

    Thanks for your writing and condescending message on all the posts, please take the time to remove your head from your anal cavity as with the rest of your responses and articles are just crap.

  32. thewhiteshark said

    While I disagree with much of your analysis this line was way over the top –“The following two plays demonstrated conclusively that the University of Georgia Bulldogs are criminal thugs, led by an out-of-control, and vindictively criminal head coach.” Mark Richt, really???? If you want credibility avoid ridiculous pejoratives. There was planty of wrong to go around, but if Fairley had not been laying cheap shots on Murray this would not have happened.

    BTW — Coach Richt, after the loss, stands at 6-4 against Auburn. Enjoy this year. The Dawgs will be back.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thank you for your readership, and for taking the time to respond! At 114 matchups, the Auburn v University of Georgia collegiate football rivalry is THE oldest, and longest standing of any football rivalries in the Deep South! So yeah, that’s a longstanding tradition!

  33. Holly said

    As an Auburn fan, I can honestly say that I’m not at all impressed with the way my boys behaved in the last two minutes. Nor am I impressed with the way UGA’s fan(s) behaved after the game, setting toilet paper on fire at Toomer’s.

    But let’s look at this – should Fairley have behaved in such a manner? OF COURSE NOT!! He should not have been targeting the quarterback – and I cheered as loud as anyone when he was flagged for ramming his helmet into the qb’s back. That is unnecessary and completely uncalled for. The fact of the matter is, I know he’s an emotionally charged player, but the goal is not to seriously injure the other players. For that matter, the point is to get the ball down – not so much the player. The fact that the qb didn’t have the ball anymore should have told Fairley that his opportunity to get the ball was over. It didn’t. He chose to take the cheap shot on the qb. As for the knee hit, I’m not going to guess as to his motives there. It looked innocent enough during the game, to me anyway, but perhaps it wasn’t. I don’t know. But that still does not excuse the UGA offensive line targeting him on the next play, nor does it excuse the behavior of the UGA offensive line in the next play. Granted, it doesn’t excuse the behavior of our players, either. It’s a sad thing when a game ends in a fight. It looks bad on BOTH schools – not just the one with the ejected players.

    It will be very interesting to see what comes of this, out of the SEC, NCAA, and the two schools. I doubt we’ve heard the last of this mess.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading, and for taking the time to reply! I agree with many of the sentiments expressed, which also may be found in my replies to respondents.

  34. nothing but the truth said

    I’m not a fan of either team but saw the game and was sent this article by an AUBURN fan friend who thinks the article is skewed and inaccurate. An AUBURN fan who apologized to every UGA fan he knows on behalf of the poor behavior of his team. An AUBURN fan who admitted that Nick Fairly may be a good player, but he’s a sorry excuse for a human being.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading, and for sharing!

    • Kritter said

      This is a total lie. If you don’t care about UGA or Auburn, you didn’t bother reading this, and your Auburn friend wouldn’t spread around an article by a fellow fan that he/she thinks is stupid. You’re either a thUGA or a Bammer. ‘fess up.

      • Warm Southern Breeze said

        Thanks again! Not sure though, about to what you refer. What is the “This is a total lie” to which your refer? And honestly, I’ve been an Auburn fan for quite some time. I’ve never had allegiance to any other NCAA SEC Division I team. Matter of fact, I owe my life to Auburn. That is to say, I literally wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Auburn. Seriously! So – as you can imagine – I know on what side my bread’s buttered. ;-)

      • Kritter said

        Oh, sorry… I meant that to address the original post, not your response. As soon as I posted it, I questioned the understandability of its content, but it was too late.

        You can tell the original post was written by a disgruntled rival fan posing as a disinterested party to try and make him or herself more credible. If you don’t care about either team, you wouldn’t have any reason to read this article, and an “AUBURN fan friend” wouldn’t have sent this link to someone disinterested. And no self-respecting Auburn fan would have issued repeat apologies to thUGA fans after their gross display of unsportsmanlike conduct. Furthermore, since the fans aren’t on the field, we’ve nothing to apologize for. Poster “Nothing But the Truth” is a big fat liar.

        I’m assuming your parents met and/or conceived you on the campus of Auburn University?

      • Warm Southern Breeze said

        Thanks! Ahhh… Kritter! You’re GOOD! Yes, my parents met at Auburn! For the many people with whom I’ve shared that bit of lightheartedness, you are THE SOLITARY ONE whom has correctly supposed! Bravissimo! I am duly impressed!

  35. Actually Watching Game said

    This has to be the worst article written. Did you and I attend the same game? Did you watch this part of the game too?

    Had this been in the NFL, Fairley’s hit would have been a $75,000 minimum fine, simply for the lowered helmet and his obvious intent to hurt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e3PHGyHk9k&feature=player_embedded

    You want to talk about Auburn being classy? May I remind you that the Auburn fan base collectively booed a Georgia player when he was hurt.

    And to reiterate, which team had TWO players removed from the game while the other team had ZERO players removed? Point made.

  36. From my blog:

    Most Dawg fans aren’t upset about the loss. They’re used to it this year. What they aren’t used to is how much disrespect Auburn’s program showed. The Redcoat Band was boo’d into oblivion as they marched on for halftime. Fairley was praised for his late hits by the looney assistant coach with the towel. Victory-drunk Auburn fans uncharacteristically turned into a mob after the game. Were they enthusiastically celebrating their first victory in quite some time over Georgia, or was it a bit much? Both.

    “As a senior at the University of Georgia, it’s disappointing to see a highly respected rival of three years crash and burn into a horrible ending, the orange flames revealing yet another ugly school touting the horrendous color. The compromises people make while placing winning over the integrity of the game is something worth reevaluating.”

    In regards to your blog:

    It’s truly sad how much attention blogs like these receive when all they truly amount to are biased opinions – ill informed opinions at that. Mark my words, people targeted by these amateur posts within the ever-growing blogosphere will be targeted themselves, resulting in legal suits. This author clearly has no desire to argue both sides and should therefore be disregarded if your intentions are to find true information.

    Another broad subject worth mentioning is how most D-1 football programs in the United States have evolved to where fans live vicariously through their beloved football programs. These fan bases are so large, every social situation conceivable occurs. Drunken fans from both teams fight while other fans with brains buy drinks for each other after the game. Therefore, every single school in America is classless due to the standout idiots readily available at each institution. Every school is also classy if you experience a situation with a decent human being who happens to be a fan of the team, people who DO exist for each program.

    Please don’t thank me for reading and sharing my thoughts, for all I did was scan. When I saw “WAR EAGLE, baby!!” I knew exactly what to write.

  37. Hurrrr said

    Implying Auburn has never had a player arrested. Implying Auburn is a team full of class acts. Implying a football team for a university in the state of Georgia makes the entire state look bad. Obvious troll is obvious.

  38. Jason said

    Look,first of all I’m a Georgia fan so I don’t need to state my opinion on this matter because you already know what I’m gonna say, just like I know what you delusional boogs are gonna say. I will just ask you to go to ANY message board or blog from ANY college team and tell me what the majority concensus is. For Christ sakes even our most hated rivals agree with our account of what happened Saturday. I’ll be waiting to see if you can find another fanbase besides you tards down there at the lovliest little penal colony on the plains that agrees with you.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading and responding! If you’ll read my comments to others, I believe you’ll obtain a more clear picture of my thoughts on the events. Thanks again!

  39. John said

    I believe this is about the most bias and moronic article I have ever read. I’m not a fan of either Auburn nor UGA, but I did watch the game. And from what I saw, the whole mess had been brewing due to the blatant thuggish play of #90 of Auburn. Now, I don’t condone the actions took by players from either side, but I sure can understand how the UGA players got to that point. Auburn player #90 was just plain dirty and taking cheap shots on the Georgia QB. In my opinion, he should have been ejected way before it got to this point in the game. How the refs continued to let him get away with the antics he was committing is beyond me. You say the refs lost control … I would agree, but they lost control when they continued to let #90 play the way he was playing, the resulting melee that transpired was a direct result of the actions of #90.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading and for your response! It does seem curious, but you assert the article to be “moronic.” Having read it, what then, would that make you? The balance of my thoughts may be found within these responses. Cheerio!

  40. Sman said

    Clearly, you were not watching the same game as the rest of America. Auburn, particularly Fairly, played dirty.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading and your response! Yes, we saw the same game. And, as you’ll read in my numerous responses, it may be a more clear picture of my thoughts on the events. To clarify, the events about which I wrote are recorded, and I attempted to write about what I saw. Granted, it is imperfect, since I am also imperfect. There’s plenty-o-blame to go ’round, no doubt.

  41. Chase said

    I would like to say just a few things. 1st you seem in your article to dismiss the actions of the Auburn players that threw punches because the chain of events, as you describe it, started with GA players retaliating to the late hit on Murray which you seem to think doesn’t count as a late hit, I’m not really sure why though. Whether or not Fairley was trying to hurt Murray or not really isn’t the issue because there’s no way to know, the issue is that the hit WAS in fact quite late, definetly late enough to be called and it wasn’t. The refs are there to protect all the players and when they don’t they will protect themselves and each other, that shouldn’t be a surprise. My point is that Fairley DID in fact hit Murray way to late, which is the real start of this chain of events, and he should have expected to be targeted by the GA offensive line. He could have taken his hits, learned a lesson and moved on, instead Auburn turned it into a fist fight. Now this retaliation is not ok in the eyes of the rules of SEC football, I know that, so if GA players are punished for what they did I would support that, order needs to be maintained, but I also support what they did at the same time, they were protecting their friend, plain and simple. Assault is against the law but I would gladly break that law to protect a friend. I will say that hitting a parked car and fleeing the scene is stupid but it doesnt make him a gangland thug, and neither does protecting a teammate with a few unfair hits on someone. If someone had walked onto the field with a Glock and started shooting then I would agree with you. And as for Mark Richt, he was just as frustrated as the team for late hits not being called which is why he went on to the field to talk to the refs, becuase he didnt want the players taking matters into their own hands, that what he was pointing out, that when the refs don’t do their job, order is not maintained on the field. As for the team coming onto the field they probably shouldnt have, but they also didnt turn it into a brawl or anything, most of them didnt make it very far before they went back, they were simply supporting their teammates who were in a confrontation on the field. What actually surprised me was that the Auburn team was not willing to support their team members on the field especially if they felt they were the ones being attacked. You speak alot about class and having class, having class is more than being polite, its about living to a high moral standard and meeting obtacles head on with honor. Late hits, dont fit into that definition, neither do trick plays like the statue of liberty play, neither does kicking an onside kick at the beginning of the second half, and frankly neither does sliding to avoid tackels as Cam Newton was doing in the 4th. Its not against the rules I know, but its a form of avoiding confrontation which is not in the spirit of football. Just because something isnt yet against the rules does not mean that you SHOULD do it, having class is recognizing that fact.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for your readership, and for sharing your thoughts! I like so-called “trick” plays, because they work, they are legal, and they force the other team to stay alert.

    • Kritter said

      This is the most ridiculous drivel I have ever read, Chase. Have you ever seen a football game played? Obviously you don’t know the rules at all, but it seems to me you’ve never actually sat through a game. Onside kicks are a legit strategy, as is sliding to avoid having your QB hurt. These things are not EVER GOING TO BE AGAINST THE RULES. It is not a gray area. Plays are not “trick” plays just because the defense could not defend it. Perhaps you should chastise UGA’s Defensive Coordinator, who is obviously incapable of reviewing TEN weeks of prior Auburn footage and developing an appropriate game plan. Nothing happened on that field that he couldn’t have seen in a prior game. And suggesting Auburn doesn’t have class for not charging the field – well, THAT IS against the rules. Technically, thUGA’s entire team should be suspended for the Tech game for that breach. I couldn’t even get annoyed by your garbage, because i was laughing too hard!

  42. What? said

    This is the most bias article I have ever read….The fact that you feel the need to declare yourself “classy” is just sad. A classy person wouldn’t call the other team’s coach “vindictively criminal”.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for your readership and for writing! Your point is taken. I contrast to your assertion, I never made such a declaration as you suppose. My mea culpa for your other point is within these replies. And, thanks again!

  43. Mark Richt said

    Funny you mentioned the Facts about the Georgia Players and failed to mention that the Arrest came while returning from a Charity Function.Lets talk about the replays shown on ESPN,and the comments made by the commentators on Monday Night Footbal.There comments were that the Auburn Players better clean there act op because they would be Find,Suspended and Ejected had they been in the Pros.HMMM,Ga at least takes steps to discipline there Players,Unlike Auburn,You have had 1 Good Season in 20 Years and you think your Great,come on,You have a Player who is trying to get paid for Playing and you are scared not to take the appropriate Actions.You are not a Team you are a 1 man Team and he is as big a Thug as there has been,How many Classes has he cheated in.You got a Big Mouth bring that Mouth on you pos.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading, and for your reply! If one commits murder upon leaving church, what does that make one? Hmmm… could it be A MURDERER? Yup. That the team was returning from the toilet or charity function is neither consequential nor relative. The word “there” is an adverb used to describe a point or place, whereas the word “their” is a possessive pronoun, used to indicate something that belongs to another. The word “your” is also a personal possessive pronoun, indicating that a thing belongs to the person whom is identified by the speaker as “you,” whereas the word “you’re” is a contraction of “you” and “are.” The word “find” is a verb meaning “to come upon by chance, meet with,” whereas “fined” is the past participle of “fine,” meaning to penalize by imposing a sum of money for an offense or dereliction. In stark contrast to my earlier replies to respondents, I chose to point out your glaring grammatical errors. Why? If one cannot grasp simple 4th grade linguistics, how in the world would we expect them to express an adequate thought, especially through writing? Have a good day, and go back to school – and this time, make your efforts worthwhile by learning!!

  44. […] Global Consciousness Project Registering Coherence and Resonance in the World "The Global Consciousness Project, also known as the EGG Project, is an international multidisciplinary collaboration of scientists, engineers, artists and others continuously collecting data from a global network of physical random number generators located in 65 host sites worldwide. The archive contains over 10 years of random data in parallel sequences of synchronized 200-bit trials every second." « Dirty Dawgs no match for Classy Auburn Tigers: Georgia Footbrawl shows true colors […]

  45. Son I am dissapoint said

    “…the University of Georgia Bulldogs are criminal thugs, led by an out-of-control, and vindictively criminal head coach.”
    “…the entire Georgia team charged onto the field, led by Head Coach Mark Richt…”

    You must be having a laugh. Mark Richt, a vindictive criminal? What crime has the man committed? Sounds like libel to me. Also, there were players still on the Georgia sideline during the fight, that fails to encompass the entire team. Your implication that Richt told the team to go out on the field and brawl is utterly preposterous. Delete your libel-filled rubbish. It’s disgustingly biased and brings shame upon the fine institution that is Auburn University and the SEC as a whole.

    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading, and for your thoughtful response! My additional thoughts are contained within the responses to the numerous comments to the post. I’m certain you’ll find that I addressed your concerns. Thanks again for reading!

  46. Jennifer said

    This is more of a hate on UGA post than anything. You don’t know what goes on in Athens and you shouldn’t write about it.. Although some players have made mistakes this year and it has cost our team that has nothing to do with the GA/Auburn game. Also Auburn. All you are doing is bashing GA every chance you get and praising the Tigers. If they were so wonderful shouldn’t the game have been a blow out? Shouldn’t they have been winning from the very start? The number 2 team in the country isn’t all that great. At least they will see when they play ALABAMA. Mark Rict still has control of the team. You should see them at practice or even at school. They are all dedicated to school and football. Everyone makes mistakes…

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