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FREE Hot Dogs on the Plains in Auburn, Alabama!!

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, November 13, 2010

Formerly known as “Dooley’s Dogs” for late head coach Vince Dooley, the Georgia Bulldogs this year are certainly nothing less than a disgrace to the memory of their once-great team, and renown coach.

Certainly not the to-be-feared “junkyard dogs” that they perhaps once were, this year, the Georgia Bulldogs have a 5-5 record, and a 3-4 record in the South Eastern Conference, are going up against the UNDEFEATED Auburn Tigers, whose 10-0 record, and 6-0 in the SEC make them more than a formidable opponent. By most accounts, it will be a slaughter-fest by the Tigers, whose fans’ “WAR EAGLE!” cries will echo throughout the Plains… and in the ears of the Georgia fans and team as they return home, tail tucked between their legs.

Seeing that no Mississippi mud stuck to Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton, he is by all accounts a shoe-in for this year’s Heisman trophy. Of note, the Heisman trophy is so named for Coach John W. Heisman, who once coached football at “Auburn, Clemson, University of Pennsylvania, Washington and Jefferson and Rice. His coaching career ultimately spanned more than three decades (1892-1927). His most impressive coaching reign was with Georgia Tech (1904-1919) where his Golden Tornado were a scoring powerhouse with an astounding 33 straight wins.

“Coach Heisman left Georgia Tech after the 1919 season to return as head coach at his alma mater U. of Penn. After three years he bought out his contract and spent one year at Washington & Jefferson, before moving west to Texas and Rice Institute. In 1927, at age 62, John W. Heisman retired from coaching the game he loved and developed.”

Once the Tigers devour the Bulldogs, they’ll have a much-needed one week break before engaging in the most fearsome and hard-fought of all sports rivalries… the 75th Iron Bowl, Friday, November 26, where they’ll meet the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Tomorrow as well, the 12th ranked 7-2/4-2 SEC Tide faces 19th ranked, 7-2/3-2 SEC Mississippi State, which the Auburn Tigers defeated 17-14 in the Tigers’ second game of the season.

Whether there’ll be free hot dogs in Tuscaloosa tomorrow, remains to be seen. Good luck to the Crimson Tide!

And… WAR EAGLE, baby!!

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