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Do NOT “update” WordPress iPhone app

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, September 30, 2010

For the untold numbers of iPhone users whom even occasionally use the WordPress blogging app, I have ONE suggestion: STAY AWAY from the UPDATE to version 2.6!

Having been a faithful customer of Apple, and of the iPhone, I am experiencing increasing discontent with what I perceive to be very careless, lackadaisical, even malicious failures of developers to be attuned to the iOS and issues of compatibility, or even operation! It’s akin to going to a restaurant, ordering a two eggs omelette, and having the raw ingredients dumped in your lap by the cook. Meanwhile, the hotty-totty waitress smiles and coos, asking if you’d like a refill on your coffee.

“Sure, hon… can I have a hot fresh cup poured in my lap?”

The text of my report to the developer follows:

Just downloaded the most recently updated, “new & improved” version, with video(!). Sorry I did. Now, the app crashes upon attempting to open, does not even fully start! 

Previously, I had no problem. App was rock-solid, stable, secure. Now, the damn thing won’t even open! 

How happy am I… NOT!!! 

Would prefer to revert to the previous working version. How can I do that? 

I found the older, better, more secure, stable, reliable app to be trouble-free, and used it extensively. Now, I cannot use it, and will instead rely upon another non-WordPress app to blog.  

iOS – 3.1.3 (7E18) 
Model – 3G(S)

2 Responses to “Do NOT “update” WordPress iPhone app”

  1. Krishna said

    I have the same problem with the new video blogging enabled wordpress app. That sucks man…


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