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Catholic commentators on Glenn Beck ‘Restore Honor’ rally and Tea Parties

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, August 30, 2010

Is it ~really~ all about the money?

It certainly seems that way. Even cynical voices in the “opposite” camp acknowledge speaking/appearance fees exceeding six figures for S. Palin & millions for G. Beck’s media enterprises. But upon what authority and principle does it rest?

If we claim that we are our own authority, and that there is none higher, we make ourselves to be like God. Yet if we rely upon the precepts of a Higher Authority, which looks after “the widow, the orphan, the stranger among you…” as being part of ourselves, we then do not alienate or isolate ourselves from ourselves. We acknowledge that we have inherent and intrinsic value simply because we are living. And thus, the sustenance of life requires more than food, for the body is also more than clothing.

“There is an argument that the Founders were linked to the First Great Awakening, but the Founders’ appeals were much different than Martin Luther King, whose appeals were explicitly religious and spiritual.”

What are the possible political consequences of the rally and related movements?

“…whether those Tea Party supporters are voting out of religious convictions is doubtful. There’s some evidence, based on the statements of Tea Party supporters, that they don’t care about social issues. They care about economics.”

“…economic issues also can incorporate religious appeals, but are “not as strong.””

Catholic commentators weigh in on Glenn Beck ‘Restore Honor’ rally and Tea Parties :: Catholic News Agency (CNA).

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