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Photography as therapy

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, August 6, 2010

The gentleman who owns VocalCoach.com shared with me that photography is “where I get my peace.” His name is Chris, and I met him today while

browsing around the courthouse square in Murfreesboro, TN this afternoon. He was shooting a Canon with a fast (2.0) tele zoom – a VERY nice piece of glass!

I shared with him that I used to shoot an A1, and he shared with me that he just sold his A1 to get the $$$ to buy that lens.

I’ve been shooting Nikon for a little over a year and a half, and that I’d bought my D90 in Modesto, CA during Rosh Hashana. I was in Sonora, and suddenly, was overcome with a strange desire – one I’d not experienced in several years – the desire to photograph.

And out of nowhere came this “D90.” It was really odd – either that, or supernatural – because I had not even read ANYTHING about photography, and had quite LITERALLY no idea of any model names or numbers.

Modesto Camera and Supply took good care of me, and I had a short learning curve, especially since I had the fundamentals down. For me, it was simply learning my way around the Nikon, it’s programming and algorithms.

I too can attest that photography is therapeutic. Even when I put beans on the table using cameras, it was pleasant. But then, it became as a slave master, and I the slave. I knew then that it was time to put it down. With few exceptions, I’d not taken a picture in over a decade.

For me, the Nikon represented a new birth, of sorts.

It’s nice to be born anew.

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