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With this cell phone, I thee wed.

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, July 23, 2010

Recently, I read the following query on a FaceBook “fan page” of a fellow parishioner:

“Texting in church. Are you serious?”

My response follows.

Before I became Catholic, I would use my device to take notes. Now, I have a completely different attitude.

Yet photography being one of God’s creative gifts to me, I do, however, take respectful pictures in church – not so much during the homily, however. I love God’s Holy, Apostolic and Catholic Church.

While working in CA, a young lad asked me, “Why do you take pictures in church?”

I replied, “Because for some, it may be the only time they see the inside of a church.”

Perhaps overall, concerning your topic, one might ask this question of themselves: Would you do that at your child’s wedding, a family member’s funeral, or dinner as an honored guest? How much more in the presence of the King of Kings, and LORD of LORDS?

Yet would humble Jesus gather up the cell phones like the money-changers in the temple, or would He, with a wounded look, peer into our hearts?

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