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Parker Griffith suggests Mo Brooks has adultery with Nancy Pelosi

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, April 12, 2010

“I’m having trouble picturing Mo and Nancy Pelosi in the same bed. How about you all?”
– Parker Griffith, MD, (R), Congressman 5th Congressional District, AL

After Griffith made that unseemly remark Monday night, 13 April 2010 at a political forum hosted at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Mo Brooks’ wife got out of her seat and walked out of the auditorium.

Griffith was gleeful in his negative repartee. After Brooks’ wife walked out, he said,First of all, let me apologize to you Mo. And if you need to go see about her, we’ll certainly excuse you.”

Interestingly, a group of Huntsville middle and high school students whom call themselves “Consortium of Students for Justice and Liberty” sponsored the event. Madison City businessman Les Phillip, and Madison County District 5 Commissioner Mo Brooks – both Republican candidates for the upcoming 5th District Congressional Representative election – also participated.

This is the kind of behavior we can expect from Parker Griffith at an event sponsored by school children?

Griffith has already shown he has about as much class as a Duroc hog.

Mo Brooks asked Les Phillip if be believed Griffith’s switch to the Republican party was genuine, adding, “Do you believe him, why or why not?

Mr. Phillip replied, “I cannot look into the Congressman’s heart. As a Christian, that’s between him and God.

After switching parties one year into his two-year commitment, Griffith claims that the “the radical Obama-Pelosi liberal agenda has gone too far.

Odd… but one year into the agenda and it’s suddenly “radical“?

Parker must’ve either been blithely unaware, or wholly ignorant.

Either way, it’s not looking good for him.

5 Responses to “Parker Griffith suggests Mo Brooks has adultery with Nancy Pelosi”

  1. aubreygd said

    It is funny how Griffith wants republicans to vote for him when all of the sudden his political heros are Reagan and Sessions. Does he really expect us to believe 10 months ago before, switching parties and voting for Pelosi, that these would be his heros? Are we suppose to beieve he has done a 180 on illegal immigrants? I’m ready for a non- foul mouth true republican conservative to represent me not a wannabe. He also stated that all we should elect a congressman for is to bring jobs to our district….I want more than that from my congressman. I want honesty, integrity, a proven record,immovable values, and a man/woman who promotes moral attitudes. I think Griffiths crude poke at Mo and Pelosi was forgettable and meant as a small jab to provoke Mo (which unfortunatly it did)but it shows what kind of thought process he has. Mo should have dismissed it as just what it was and gone on to bigger items.If elected Mo will have bigger jabs than this to contend with so he needs to get thicker skin.


    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Folks from all sides of the political spectrum in the 5th District have shared with me that Griffith is outta’ there, come next election. I’ll be glad to see him gone, too! He’s demonstrated that he’s a liability rather than an asset.


  2. Venita Helton said

    Griffith’s comment was the kind of class act the dems are famous for. They get their lines from shows like “Family Guy,” thinking it’s cool to be vulgar and we should swim in the swamp with them. Parker Griffith looked like Peter Griffin at the debate, right down to the clown makeup. He illustrates the kind of arrogant sickness so prevalent among our DC masters.
    I was proud of Mo for sticking up for his wife. It’s about time we saw a gentleman rise up in defense of women. Those in the audience who laughed at him showed themselves to have as much class as Peter Griffin, I mean, Parker Griffith.


    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for reading, and for your thoughtful response!

      The general sentiment which I’ve observed throughout the Fifth District is that Parker will be a one-termer.

      And on a corollary note… I’ve long thought that term limitations on Congress should be adopted by the people. Two terms in the Senate (equalling 12 years), and four terms in the House (equalling 8 years). Totalled – if one served in both chambers – that would be 20 years… long enough for anyone.


  3. […] Parker Griffith suggests Mo Brooks has adultery with Nancy Pelosi Posted on Monday, April 12, 2010 […]


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