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Huntsville man claims “police brutality”

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, April 8, 2010

William Frazier, of Huntsville, AL hopes to become Huntsville’s newest minted millionaire. There’s only one problem… he claims Huntsville police beat him after he eluded them in a chase of several miles.

Mr. Frazier, whom is aged 80 years, ran traffic lights, purposely avoided “stop sticks” – devices placed in the roadway to puncture a fleeing suspect’s tires – narrowly avoided several collisions with oncoming vehicles, and only after encountering a police car barricade, finally stopped… but did not place his vehicle in park, refused to exit his vehicle after police ordered him out, and was forcibly removed from his vehicle, where he further resisted arrest, was subsequently handcuffed and raised to his feet by at least three officers, then stumbled and was caught.

William Frazier, 80, of Huntsville, Alabama, eluded police for three miles, now claims he was abused by HPD officers.

The Huntsville Times, a Corporately Owned Newspaper (CON), released this photograph of Mr. Frazier which is purported to be taken in the Emergency Department at Huntsville Hospital – though it was not taken by hospital officials.

Mr. Frazier, whom through his attorney, has filed suit against the City of Huntsville, is seeking $8 Million claiming “police brutality.” Interestingly, Mr. Frazier’s incident was in the evening hours of February 1, 2010, though he has only now decided he was “abused.”

Mr. Frazier faces numerous charges, including attempting to flee and elude police, driving without a license, driving while under the influence and failure to yield the right of way. Authorities later dropped the DUI charge when his Blood Alcohol Level was found to be .02, but police believe he was under the influence of some drugs or medicines which increased the effect of alcohol in his system.

Police first noticed Mr. Frazier when he almost completely blocked traffic with his automobile after he drove out of a parking lot of a bar on Jordan Lane.

Frazier caught an officer’s attention when he was almost hit by another vehicle when he blocked an entire lane of traffic after pulling out of a parking lot of a nightclub on Jordan Lane. An officer in a police cruiser which happened to be immediately behind the vehicle that narrowly missed hitting Frazier’s car, then turned on lights and siren in an attempt to get him to pull over. Frazier then began to elude, and the officer gave chase.

In the three-mile chase, Mr. Frazier had difficulty maintaining control of his vehicle, was weaving throughout the lane, and at several times nearly collided with other oncoming vehicles. He also ran over curbing, and deliberately ran red traffic lights.

City Attorney Peter Joffrion invited local media outlets to a press conference where the police cruiser videotape of the entire event was shown twice, once without commentary, and then with commentary by Mr. Joffrion.

Madison County District Attorney Robert L. Broussard has cleared all officers of any wrong-doing. Marc Sandlin, Chief Deputy District Attorney, said “We have reviewed the facts and circumstances surrounding the apprehension and detention of William Frazier. In our opinion, none of the officers involved in this incident violated any existing Alabama laws or statutes.

William Frazier, 80, of Huntsville, Alabama, shows no scars from his elusion of police for three miles, now claims he was abused by HPD officers.

Warrants having been issued for his arrest, Mr. Frazier turned himself in this afternoon (Thursday, 08 April 2010), posted bond, and is due to appear in Huntsville municipal court Friday, April 9, 2010 at 0830.

Mr. Frazier is claiming “extreme physical pain, emotional distress, and mental anguish,” and demanding $2,00,000 in compensatory damages, and $6,000,000 in punitive damages, as well as attorney’s fees and other unknown expenses.

Jon C. Goldfarb of the Birmingham law firm Wiggins, Childs, Quinn and Pantazis is representing Mr. Frazier.

Since Mr. Frazier was incapable of driving and apparently under the influence of drugs/medicine and alcohol, while in jail, more than likely, Mr. Frazier fell down. In other words, he had an allergic reaction to jail. Maybe he’ll sue for that too!

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