Warm Southern Breeze

"… there is no such thing as nothing."


Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, April 6, 2010

R ec ent l yI sen t am ess a ge toa f ri end o fm ine w ho mwo r ks ina c ad emi a in com p ut ern e tw ork i ng ser v ic es. I nt hem e ss age I wr ote t oh imI e xp lai n ed tha t Iw asu s in gse q ue nti a ls pac i ng asa m at ter o fs ome t es tin g to see h ow the e -m ail s ni ffe r sr esp o nd edt o my mes s ag e.S i nc eIu s eG mai l ,t her e ar ead v er tis e me nts t ha tap p ea ral o ng sid e th eme s sa gew h ic hke y in onp a rt icu larWordsInTheMes sageAndThenDisplayLin ksForTheGoodsOrSer vices.IDecidedThatIfIStr ungTogetherMySente ncesAndOrUsedUnusu alSpacingThatItWou ldFoolTheComp uter.IWascorrect.InMyMe ssageISawNoAdv ertising!

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