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Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I was seated at the kitchen table, listening to satellite radio  – “Give A Little Bit” by Supertramp was playing – having taken a large sip of Fighting Cock 103 proof Kentucky whiskey, followed with a swig of Yuengling Original Black & Tan beer, while reading the Sunday funny papers from the Huntsville (Alabama) Times. Outside the window, a couple was looking around the property next door. Here comes the woman now, from around the corner. Oh… the table at which I’m seated is adjacent a window. I was breathing, and my blood was circulating, and I was thinking that I probably wouldn’t eat much supper tonight. Earlier, I’d called to file a report of theft with the Madison County Sheriff’s office. It seems that Wells Fargo sold my stock without my explicit or implied permission and kept the proceeds. I was angered and saddened. Imagine the gall of those bastards! I’m not a wealthy man by any stretch of the imagination, and the value of the stock was less than $100. But the fact of the matter remains – they sold it and kept the proceeds WITHOUT my permission. That’s theft. And I intend to press charges and seek a legal remedy, and I will write a letter to President Obama about this injustice and theft. Reckon how many folks Wells Fargo do similarly? Thirty bucks here, 40 here, 50 there… do that a few thousand times, and pretty soon, you’re talking about some real money. It’s theft. Plain and simple. The company could’ve written a letter to me and and in essence told me that they didn’t want to mess with my piddling tiny account and printed up a stock certificate and mailed it to me. But no, they chose instead to steal my money. Is there any question remaining about why people despise bankers and other money folks? I plan on calling the FBI tomorrow – undoubtedly, the unauthorized sale (theft) was done using computers and crossed state lines. I’m gonna’ be a pain in the side, a thorn in the side/paw of the multi-billion dollar corporation that stole from a poor man. I will get justice.

Other than that, not much else!

Hey… here’s an idea! Why not contact me? Xxxxx.Xxxxxx@xxx.xxx (It’s the university where the nutty professor – Amy Bishop shot and killed her colleagues!) Can you believe that I have a friend who was working on her PhD in Biology and Bishop was her advisor? Her work is SCREWED! And, I sincerely doubt the president, Dr. David Williams will refund her and the other affected students’ tuition, though it would be the right thing to do. As it would be the right thing to do to offer free tuition next semester/term for the same courses taught by the other dead/injured professors. Those poor, poor students… they’re screwed. That’s not right!

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