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iPhone 3G[S]

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, March 29, 2010

Perhaps the story of the iPhone could appear as a feature on the teevee show “Modern Marvels.”

My tenor is somewhat sarcastic, for as I am writing, my iPhone is, and for very nearly the past month, has been nothing more than a chic lovely paperweight.

I have a 32GB iPhone 3G[S] which I purchased at a “race horse” price – $150. It was refurbished. It had not even one scratch on it, and was brand-spanking, shiny new when I peeled the protective plastic off the screen.

In short order, I unlocked and jailbroke the 3.1.2 OS phone using blackra1n, which is a free/no-cost tethered jailbreak – meaning it must be attached to the computer during the process. The baseband is 5.11.07.

To clarify, “unlock” refers to allowing the phone to work on another cellular network carrier, while “jailbreak” refers to the unharnessing of the computer side of the device, allowing it to do the really kewl things it has the ability to do. (*More on this anti-consumer philosophy in a later entry.)

The much-wiser Apple Computer folks (I write in sarcasm), prevented the phone from doing many features that most computer uses take for granted, such as Bluetooth file transfer, the ability to download and save files in a location of your choosing, customizing the keyboard, command line interface in a “Terminal” command style using Unix type commands, improved text messaging, phone call/text message management, and more.

I had been enjoying using the iPhone, though I found what I thought were particularly annoying shortcomings/faults of the device, such as opening to alpha input when creating an address (every address I’ve ever seen first has a number, then a name), although most of which Apple Computer created as an inherent crippling of the powerful pocket-sized, computing device.

For those unaware, the iPhone is a Unix-style computer platform with a lovely Graphical User Interface (GUI) married with a cell phone. While the two functions can be separated and differentiated, the really kewl part of the iPhone is that they are not.

Especially interesting is a new iPhone application (app) from the Apple store – apps from the App store… kinda’ cute, ain’t it? – which has some phenomenally groundbreaking implications.

A new product called “Line2” which is a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) application that allows the user to make telephone calls over a WiFi network with phenomenal reception, even indoors, where AT&T’s cellular coverage is often weak, and can turn an iPod Touch into a full-blown cellphone. The app costs $1.00 from Apple’s app store, and service from the Line2/Toktumi company is $15.00/monthly.

But back to the unlock/jailbreak aspect.

One evening, I noticed that the springboard crashed, though an extension installed through the Cydia app actually prevented a total crash. Cydia is repository app for unlocked/jailbroken (UJ) iPhones which hosts software/apps that run only on UJ iPhones, and provides a no-cost back-up service – particularly useful if an Apple ‘upgrade’ fouls your iPhone, even if you don’t unlock/jailbreak.

After restarting the iPhone, I noticed that Apple’s resident WiFi connection wasn’t connecting with the local WiFi network, and used another app – eWiFi – to connect. The free application eWiFi (by eFUSION Co., Ltd.) can even find hidden networks, and is – in my opinion – a superior product to Apple’s resident WiFi connectivity. Thinking all was well, I went to sleep that evening. Next morning, I proceeded to check e-mail as I usually do, and noticed the same problem was recurring. After trying numerous “work-arounds” with no success, I eventually chose the “Reset Network Settings” option as a last resort.

After choosing that option, a restart was required. It was then that problems began.

The iPhone then went into a continuous, recovery-mode loop.

I’ve downloaded various tools – iRecovery, com.Semaphore.Umbrella, Pwnage Tool, and more, and operated most with varying degrees of success, but none have been able to break the vicious recovery-loop mode cycle.

I am patiently reluctant to move to Apple’s 3.1.3 upgrade, which, according to all other UJ developers, is no upgrade at all, and actually may prevent iPhone owners from getting their iPhones UJ.

What is curious to me, is why Apple Computer (which Jay Freeman, aka “Saurik” refers to as the “overlord”) feels compelled to FORCE something upon me which I DO NOT want. Even more curious, is why Apple Computer doesn’t want iPhone owners to modify their own, personal property, and goes to great effort to make such modifications difficult. Ford Motor, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler and others neither forbid, nor attempt to forbid their customer base from modifying their own personal property. In fact, there are thriving secondary/after market and modification markets that cater to those automobile owners. (*More on this anti-consumer philosophy in a later entry.)

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