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It’s official: No more Big Spring Jam in Huntsville

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, March 23, 2010



Huntsville City officials kill profitable entertainment venue – Can’t Fit 3 Stages –

In a strange twist of irony, Big Spring Jam will not be held this year because of the Huntsville Museum of Art‘s need for more green space in the already overcrowded Big Spring Park. One government-sanctioned art venue has killed another private enterprise art venue.

Huntsville city officials are continuing former Mayor Loretta Spencer‘s “I have a concrete dream,” for use of the park that once totaled one city block in size, but over the years has become occupied by parking decks, a high-rise bank building that shadows the park from the sun, and an ever-increasing footprint of an art museum.

Donn Jennings, a partner in Big Spring Jam said, “The general consensus is it shouldn’t happen in 2010 to let everybody finish the construction and come up with a site that works in the future. And there wasn’t a lot of resistance to that, other than people with a passion for the Jam, me being one of them. It’s like trying to fit a size 12 foot into a size 6 shoe. We’re dealing with a crisis right now. We’ve tried to move the stage to Church Street and thee east side of the park, and it just doesn’t work. The Mental Health site works good, but it’s so far away, especially if you have to walk from there to the old Meadow Gold lot. Every time John Hunt Park is mentioned, there’s an outcry that people want it downtown. People want the atmosphere downtown. If we can’t put the show on in a manner people are accustomed to, I don’t want to. I don’t want to sell an inferior product.

[ed. note: Huntsville City officials – the original inferior products – have created an inferior product… the shitty of Huntsville.]

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