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Bomb Making Materials found in Amy Bishop-Anderson’s home

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday afternoon, 12 March 2010, Huntsville Police Department officials executed a search warrant on the McDowling Drive house of Amy Bishop and her husband Jim Anderson.

Neighborhood residents watched in shocked horror as they heard three  explosions from inside the Bishop-Anderson home.

Residents Conrad Thomas, and Thomas and Sherry Foley along with numerous other witnesses watched as the HPD’s Major Crimes Unit used a Bomb Squad Robot to detonate a “suspicious” PVC pipe from inside the Bishop-Anderson house.

Mr. Thomas said, “I heard three booms, and then I saw the robot.”

HPD Sgt. Jon Turis, supervisor of the MCU, said the search was part of the ongoing investigation into Amy Bishop’s criminal behavior, including her murder of her brother Seth with a 12-gauge pump shotgun when she was aged 19, and he 18 at their Braintree, MA residence. Amy Bishop was never charged in that crime, which was ruled “accidental.”

There is no statute of limitations on murder, and she may yet be charged with that 1986 crime. Massachusetts state officials have officially convened an investigation into the admittedly botched, and perhaps quid-pro-quo wherein Bishop’s mother, a member of the police oversight board, allegedly requested Amy be returned home after being detained, but not arrested on charges ranging from murder, assault, manslaughter, attempted carjacking and various weapons offenses, all related to her shooting of her brother that same date.

Amy Bishop clearly has a history more than a criminal “propensity,” especially given that 1.) she and her husband Jim were investigated by federal, state and local authorities for mailing two pipe bombs to her post-graduate research supervisor, a pediatric physician-researcher at Boston’s Children’s Hospital and professor at Harvard Medical School; 2.) bitch-slapped a patron when she became enraged at a Massachusetts IHOP restaurant after learning that patron had used the last high-chair/booster seat; 3.) and having now killed three and seriously wounded three others at a faculty meeting on the campus of the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Though Amy Bishop sits in solitary confinement in the Huntsville Madison County Metro Jail, her husband Jim Anderson continues to move about freely.

A genuine sign of that family’s out-of-touch-with-reality attitude was evidenced when Jim Anderson commented that “everything is fine,” after HPD executed the search warrant on their house.

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