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Bob Riley loses Hyundai to Georgia

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, March 6, 2010

Governor Bob Riley (R), whom crowed about Hyundai Motor Manufacturing’s construction of a new plant in Montgomery, must be eating crow now.

Apparently, Hyundai will be moving OUT of Montgomery to West Point, GA.

Though federal law requires advance notification of layoffs, Hyundai officials have not confirmed their decision with state or local officials.

Hyundai supplier Jay Mid-South division manager Brent Taylor announced Hyundai’s internal notice to their suppliers of their decision to move manufacturing to the West Point, GA Kia plant. Mid-South makes seat frames for the Santa Fe and Sonata in their Gadsden plant where they employ about 135 people.

Hyundai made the Santa Fe and Sonata in Montgomery, and most likely will be laying off employees.

Well, it was a decent five-year run.

Say Bob… how much tax-payer-funded baby DID you give away in that last batch of bath water?

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