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Hot Damn! UAHBomber Amy Bishop’s husband, James Anderson, is a freak, too!

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Okay, let’s get this straight. If you’re “emo” or “goth,” you’re a damn freak. You’re mentally unstable. You need psychiatric help. Period. Let somebody help you… PLEASE!!

Now, onto the news.

Guess what?! Amy Bishop’s husband, James Anderson, has publicly said he met Amy at a Dungeons and Dragons meeting. Yeah, great. What’s that like? Saying, ‘I met my wife – who used to be a man – at a bisexual swinger’s sex-swap party’? It’s just plain messed up. Period.

True, Amy Bishop, PhD, aka “the UAHBomber,” was busted for going postal at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and becoming a mass murderer. (Why do these things always seem to happen at public, taxpayer-funded schools? I mean, you never hear about this crap at private schools! Right? What are public schools? Some sort of magnet for the sewage of humanity?)

And, weird attracts weird, right?

The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives released investigative files Tuesday on Amy Bishop and her husband, James Anderson, showing they were questioned in 1993 in the attempted mail bombing of Boston’s Children’s Hospital physician and Harvard Medical School professor, Dr. Paul Rosenberg.

Dr. Rosenberg told investigators he was instrumental in Bishop’s resignation as a postdoctoral research fellow in the BCH’s neurobiology lab. Two weeks later, a pipe bomb package was mailed to his home.

The official ATF report states that on April 27, 1995, authorities re-interviewed a witness who said that during a 1993 conversation with James Anderson, Anderson stated that he wanted to get back at victim Dr. Rosenberg and that he wanted to shoot him, bomb him, stab him or strangle Rosenberg.

When authorities arrived at Anderson/Bishop’s Braintree, MA residence in April 1994 with search warrants, Bishop refused to open the door, forcing them to break a window to enter.

Federal authorities searched seven locations associated with Anderson & Bishop. Among items seized as evidence were receipts from purchases made at Radio Shack stores (with customer’s name redacted) in Cambridge and Braintree, similar items to those used to make the pipe bombs, including a partially used tube of DuroMend epoxy and an Avery Dennison five-column Analysis Pad.

Also found in a living room desk at the Anderson/Bishop was a business card from “Chalkville Bait & Tackle’’ in Birmingham, AL, which described itself as “headquarters for black powder pistols, rifles, shotguns, and supplies.’’ However, investigators failed to find any black powder or black-powder pistols. Electronic surveillance evidence was also collected, but remains secret as part of the Grand Jury process.

Anderson and Bishop were photographed, fingerprinted and were forced to submit handwriting samples to federal authorities as part of the process.

ATF documents indicate that “Both suspects have retained an attorney and have refused to participate in further interviews, have declined to give consent to a search of an unattached garage to the rear of their house, and have refused to take a polygraph.

The investigation was closed 25 May 2001, and with no one charged, the case remains unsolved, and the ATF management log states that they “closed no potential.” However, Anderson claims he has an official letter from the ATF stating that they officially “cleared” him, but that when Huntsville Police authorities searched their home, they seized the letter. The ATF however, has publicly stated that they have never issued any such letter to anyone on that case, particularly James Anderson and Amy Bishop.

The ATF and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service have said that their investigation developed likely suspects based on interviews with citizens whom reported identifying characteristics such as,“two suspects, a married couple,’’ that one of the two “had quit employment… and was reportedly upset and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, according to witnesses interviewed.

The ATF report indicated unnamed suspect wife “had been having employment related problems” with Dr. Rosenberg, and that near the time the bombs were mailed had quit her job with him.

The ATF report further indicates that Dr. Rosenberg “stated that he had been instrumental in her [Amy Bishop] leaving because he had felt she could not meet the standards required for the work.“Dr. Rosenberg told investigators that over a period of some years, he and several other colleagues had “growing concern” about the unnamed suspect wife who “has exhibited violent behavior.”

The ATF report also indicates when Dr. Rosenberg was interviewed by authorities that, “He stated that she was not stable.

Dr. Rosenberg and his wife had been on a week-long vacation, and upon arrival at their Newton, MA home December 19, 1993, found an unexpected package addressed to “Mr. Paul Rosenberg M.D.” When he began opening the package, examining it, he found wires and a cylinder, and immediately fled his residence with his wife and notified authorities.

In the package, bomb experts found two 9-volt batteries, two pipe bombs filled with black gun powder, and two roller-type switches. Fortunately, the bombs did not detonate.

In the process of the ATF investigation, they searched the residences of Anderson and Bishop, but were “unable to tie any of the items in the searches with the suspect explosive device,” and thus did not charge them.

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  1. sbstidman said

    Christ they can’t even make a bomb right


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