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Amy Bi$hop $TILL has UAH “job,” get$ paid every two week$ while in jail

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, February 18, 2010


Excu$e me, but… HELLO!!

Dr. William$, are you there?!?

Why have you NOT begun proceeding$ to cancel the remainder of Dr. Amy Bishop’$ contract?!

Are you $o ignorant $tupid that you can’t under$tand the co$t:benefit ratio of retaining a high profile Ma$$ Murderer on the official univer$ity payroll?

Now that Dr$. Podila, Davi$ and John$on are now decea$ed, i$ their pay canceled? If there is a $en$e of ju$tne$$ at the univer$ity over which you pre$ide, $houldn’t their families receive pay, while Bi$hop’$ is cut off?

The very nearly $20,000± that it would co$t to retain her ver$u$ the cost$ of bad pre$$ and legal fee$ a$$ociated with early, for-cau$e termination of one bad-apple’$ contract.

Oh… wait a minute.

I forgot about Dr. Andrew Pakhomov, the other UAH convicted murderer-profe$$or.

Hmm… $eems like you’ve got $omething going there, Dave!

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