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“I am a Blue Dog Democrat. I must align myself with the Republican Party.”

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I am a Blue Dog Democrat. I must align myself with the Republican Party.” – Parker Griffith, M.D., Representative, Alabama 5th congressional district

By now, the news of Alabama Congressional Representative Parker Griffith’s decision to divorce himself from the party that elected him and adulterate with Republicans, is all over the Internet. Doubtless, it will be mentioned on teevee talk shows, and their even more mindless radio counterparts. The Tennessee Valley is definitely abuzz with the news.

But, it will be in passing.

That’s “passing, ” as in “passing gas,” or “passing stool.”

And that’s exactly what it is – Parker Griffith’s passing.

He will pass from this life, into political oblivion. Having made his move, he has damaged the 5th Congressional District and effectively put a knife into the aorta – the main blood vessel – of everything in the district for which he previously worked, including most notably, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and the Army’s Redstone Arsenal.

The local newspaper in the seat of his district, the Huntsville Times, has published many comments from political observers, potential candidates, voters, politicians, in person and via the Internet.

Here, for your perusal, are the comments… in all their glory.

I wouldn’t put him as the front-runner in the Republican primary next year. He’s burned his ships and bridges with this one.” – Mark McDaniel, Huntsville, AL aerospace attorney

Sounds like he is looking out for himself.” – John Pike, GlobalSecurity.org website curator

I’d still second guess any decisions he makes.” – jarhaidd, Internet moniker

His campaign lied to thousands of Alabamians that supported his candidacy.” – Jeremy Sherer

He is switching parties mainly as a way of getting votes.” – uabep, Internet moniker

Parker Griffith changed a letter after his name, not his philosophy, and is doing so only out of political expediency, the worst hypocrisy imaginable.” – mjr53, Internet moniker

His constituents will hold him accountable for failing to keep his commitments.” – Chris Van Hollen, Democratic National Committee Chairman

It strikes me as odd that he now decides the party isn’t what he wants.” – Wayne Parker, former GOP candidate rival

I have to wonder why the change of heart now.” – Les Phillip, (R) candidate for 5th congressional seat, former Navy helicopter pilot

He was more of a Republican than a Democrat, anyway.” – Stella Musick, Huntsville resident

He seems to represent the Republican party more.” – Dana Thomas, Huntsville resident

Congressman Griffith is obviously in survival mode at this point.” – Dr. David Lanoue, Chairman, Department of Political Science, University of Alabama

“...will now run under the banner of a party that subjected him to one of the most savage and false negative campaigns in the country in 2008.” – Artur Davis, U.S. Representative, (D), AL

“... didn’t have the political skills that someone like Bud Cramer had.” – Dr. William Stewart, Professor, Political Science, University of Alabama, retired

At the end of the day, some things are more important than getting elected – honor, allegiance, personal relationships, and what brought you to the dance. Today, they feel betrayed.” – Joe Turnham, Alabama Democratic Party Chairman

He may be taking a calculated chance that the majority in the House might change and position him better in the long run.” – Dr. Natalie Davis, Professor, Political Science, Birmingham-Southern College

I can’t help but regard this “Road to Damascus” conversion of Parker Griffith’s as solely a ploy to cling to his seat in 2010. We’re all well-aware of the increasingly negative poll results for Democrats in Alabama and around the nation. Political self-preservation isn’t a virtue. In fact, political expediency is an insult to every grassroots activist who commits untold hours in devotion to getting candidates elected.” – Kay Ivey, Alabama State Treasurer, (R)

His assignments will be stripped away, and appointments will be made to other members.” – Brendan Daly, spokesman for Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, (D), CA

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